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why am i always cold?

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linzoid Tue 18-May-04 17:35:12

It's lovely sunshine outside but me i'm here with a t.shirt and a zip up fleece! what is wrong with me? I am always like this.

kalex Tue 18-May-04 17:40:13

No! I am like that 2. My DP moans like mad that I am always cold, and have the central heating on all year - on timer.

I have always thought it was because I lived in SA for 13 years, and my body adjusted to that climate, but I have been back here for 11 years and I am still as cold, so that excuse is wearing thin.

The really weird thing about me is that I cannot sleep in a bedroom unless it is really cold, so the rest of the house is like an oven, but the bedrooms are all freezing, windows open, even in the height of winter

bundle Tue 18-May-04 17:40:36

linzoid do you get migraines?

linzoid Tue 18-May-04 17:43:14

I get A LOT of headaches, not sure they are migraines tho. I kind of get a headache that goes away with paracetamol only to be back with a vengence the next day and the next

bundle Tue 18-May-04 17:43:57

just a doc told me the other day there's a genetic link between migraine and bad circulation (raynaud's)

linzoid Tue 18-May-04 17:45:39

oh right, i do actually get pins and needles quite quickly. whereas dh can sit in one position for ages i have to move after a short time coz pins and needles have set in.

mummytojames Tue 18-May-04 18:32:12

agree with bundle bad cerculation (i know i cant spell) if you go to your local health store they will be able to give you something which will help the blood flow which should start making you feel alot walmer

coppertop Tue 18-May-04 18:35:28

My mum suffered from the cold a great deal. She also suffered from headaches, irritability and putting on weight. It turned out to be due to an underactive thyroid. I don't know the full list of symptoms but could this apply to you?

Honeypie Tue 18-May-04 22:14:01

I was always cold and it turned out to be linked with under active thyroid. Have you got any other symptoms - tiredness, dry skin and hair ...

lars Tue 18-May-04 22:24:22

Linzoid, I would go to GP I thought it might be raynaud's as my father did suffer with this or it could be just poor circulation.
A fellow workmate suffers like this, she has been to gp had tests nothing wrong with her. She used to live in a hot climate- which explained it, her body was finding it hard to cope with the climate change. larsxx

Soulfly Tue 18-May-04 22:28:39

I am always cold not too bad when its sunny, by dh always says its not cold, but i aam sitting there freezing, could be the fact we have no central heating. But in our old house i always had the heat on full whack. Any my dh comes from zimbabwe, so he should be the cold one. lol

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