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After scopes - call from Radiography - worried

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Enfys1649 Wed 16-Dec-15 22:38:42

I posted on here some weeks ago about an upcoming endoscopy & colonoscopy in the context of being on the 2-week pathway. The support was great and I'm asking for some again now!

These procedures took place 3 and a half weeks ago. Follow up app Christmas eve. When I rang to see if I could get an earlier app (discharge letter had said within 4 weeks), I was told that there were no 'red flags' against my notes. I think the secretary said that the biopsy results were available & it was these to which she was referring, I guess. I felt very relieved even though I was getting intermittent pains in my upper abdomen & occasionally in my pelvic area. Happy to wait until the 24th.

But I've just picked up a message asking me to phone re an appointment - for some reason googled the number & up popped the hospital radiology/MRI department. I was referred for the scopes in the first place because my GP was worried that I was anaemic though bloods were superficially OK & she wondered about such as IBS, celiac disease, ulcers or, at a pinch, stomach cancer. I'd been incredibly weak for some weeks & couldn't shake off bugs and aches and pains.

But with the passage of time after the scopes, naturally felt that no news - no rush to make me an appointment - was good news. And I've been feeling stronger. Now I'm shaken by this call which of course I'll follow up tomorrow morning.

My question - could post scope biopsy results take this long to come through (though I'm the secretary had them to hand when we spoke)? The only concrete info I have is during the procedure, they diagnosed oesophageal reflux and put me on medication.

I know I should stop worrying but it's late, work tomorrow and wondering why it's taken this long to decide that a MRI or some kind of medical imaging is necessary. Or am I jumping the gun, here? Any thoughts very welcome.

latrilllis Thu 17-Dec-15 10:53:57

flowers They may just want to change the time/date of the appointment? I've had these calls and it's infuriating they can't just leave a proper answerphone message (but I can understand they won't give details as they may have the wrong phone number etc).

Enfys1649 Sat 19-Dec-15 22:12:36

Biopsy results are clear - polyps are benign - results following scopes. But the upcoming CT can worries me (chest/abdo/pelvis). The consultant wants to get to the bottom of my anaemia and symptoms.

Presently, aching back, pelvis, legs, sharp pains in tummy and back to feeling very, very tired. Could these things be connected to anaemia? Could a CT scan identify anything serious where the scopes & biopsies haven't? Much relieved about the first set of results, of course, but anxious nevertheless about what the scan might throw up.

And the contrast drink - silly question but is it so awful? Can't be as bad as the endoscopy prep drink - all 2 litres of it!

Thanks for any thoughts.

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