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Pain after laparoscopy......any advice

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Stars1 Wed 16-Dec-15 13:38:38

I'm due for a laparoscopy on Christmas Eve and just want to know how I will be after, I had one 20+ years ago and the pain was horrendous for days. The consultant seems to think it is not to bad now.

Any advice would be great.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 16-Dec-15 19:41:09

What has the consultant advised re post op care?.

Lap surgery has moved on a bit these past couple of decades but you really do need a highly skilled gynae surgeon to do this particularly if endometriosis is suspected.

You should be given a follow up appointment in the New Year to discuss the findings of the op; make sure now that this is done for you. You do NOT want them to discuss this whilst you are in the recovery room; its bad practice apart from anything else.

Ensure that someone will be able to look after you and drive you home post surgery.

I found the worst part of this op was the post operative pain from the CO2 gas because it travels upwards into the shoulders. Painkillers took the edge off it but it did hurt for some hours the day after surgery.

Stars1 Wed 16-Dec-15 20:07:07

Thank you Attila, my CA 125 levels are sky high and I've had some other medical problems but nothing related to gyny. No tummy pain/bad period etc. Hence an urgent procedure on Xmas eve (I only seen consultant yesterday).

He has told me about pain in shoulders and that I would need collecting as having general.

Stars1 Wed 16-Dec-15 20:08:58

Forgot to say when he looked at the ultrasound he said my ovaries looked lumpy, he did say this can be normal in some women but he would rather see them for himself. He is a MR so I guessing a consultant.

itsmine Wed 16-Dec-15 22:03:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stars1 Wed 16-Dec-15 22:31:33

Thanks for tip its me. I'll get some just in case.

Weenumpty Wed 16-Dec-15 22:39:22

Sorry you're going through this, I had a lap 6 weeks ago now (my 4th) from endometriosis. Peppermint water or tea is a must and take a pillow for car journey home as that can be horrendous! Just be as kind to yourself as you can, don't try to overdo it afterwards, everyone is different and I've recovered differently with all of mine but plenty rest will help. Although do try to move a wee bit every day as moving about helps to get rid of the gas

mineofuselessinformation Wed 16-Dec-15 22:47:53

Yup, the shoulder tip pain is horrible. The only way to go is to pump your arms back and forth as you walk to allow your lungs to settle back to where they should be.
I wish I'd known this when I had several laparoscopies.

UnGoogleable Wed 16-Dec-15 22:52:17

I had a lap due to ovarian cyst and raised CA 125 levels. It turned out to be severe endometriosis. I'm due to have another one in a few months as my cyst has returned.

I was sore for about a week afterwards, couldn't do much more than lay on the couch for the first few days. The absolute worst thing though, as others have said, is the gas pain in my shoulder and under my ribs. I found that a hot water bottle and vigorous shoulder massage from DH really helped.

Here's what I did / bought to prepare:

Batch cooked a load of easy meals for the freezer.
Big baggy nighties - I didn't want Pyjamas pressing on my belly at night.
Loose fitting jogging pants 2 sizes to big. They were a godsend.
Several packs of huge granny knickers 2 sizes too big, so they fitted up over my tummy well away from the incisions.
Hot water bottle.
Straws to take to hospital - made it easier to drink without having to lift myself up too much. I was really thirsty when I was recovering from the GA.
Pillow to put between tummy and seat belt for journey home.
Got myself one of those lap trays with padded beanbag thingy as a base - this served as both a tray to eat off, and it sat on the sofa next to me for my drinks etc, to save me reaching over to the coffee table all the time.
Got some good box sets and games for my Ipad!

Sorry you're having to go through this over Christmas, I hope there's someone at home to look after you?

Doublebubblebubble Wed 16-Dec-15 22:59:06

I had a laparoscopy to remove my appendix (6 years ago) honestly, and this is a wee bit tmi, all I wanted to do after I had the surgery was fart, fart, fart! Drinking peppermint tea/cordial will help for that. The Drs also put me on tramadol (wow so addictive!!) so pain wasnt really a problem x hope all goes well xx

Stars1 Wed 16-Dec-15 23:16:49

Thank you so much ladies, DH will be here to look after me as well as my DD and DS.

I'm 42 and had a CA level of 99 3 years ago, now it's over 1000 so to say I'm shitting myself is an understatement.

Thanks again for all the tips (especially the pillow)

UnGoogleable Thu 17-Dec-15 19:04:04

Mine was over 800, it was due to the inflammation caused by the endo.

I initially had a CT scan to look for tumours - they took over a week to give me the results. The whole time, waiting for the scan results, waiting for the surgery and waiting to find out what they had found - was total mental torture. I just sort of floated through it in a daze trying not to let myself think about it.

So I know what you're going through OP. Hope you can keep yourself busy and not think about it too much flowers

amarmai Sun 20-Dec-15 14:16:14

Linden leaf tea is good for helping trapped air get moving.

Lottie999 Mon 28-Dec-15 01:39:05

Sending you get well soon wishes : ) I had laparoscopy done on 22 Dec. I was told by doctor this was a minor procedure with quick recovery time - 5 days later still feeling drained, sore & bruised & am still mainly sofa bound. Luckily no endometriosis found, although I don't know whether that is a good thing or not as I now have no explanation for excruciating periods that ruin my life. I was hoping to return to work 1 week after procedure but that now looks unlikely, I only have a desk job but it's mega stressful dealing with difficult customers over the telephone & I just don't have the mental energy at the moment to deal with such people/situations. I still feel very bruised & sore internally in my abdomen area - I think that this procedure is highly underestimated re recovery comparing to what I was told from my doctors .... Absolutely no way can I return to normal activities 3 days post op ! I don't really have an appetite just getting by on eating little & when I have to. The trapped air was awful, it's taken 5 days for it not to hurt when I move or breathe.
I had the Merina coil fitted whilst I was under anaesthetic which I'm glad I did because any more discomfort / prodding down there would just make me cry at the moment : ( However I seem to have period type pain & im not sure whether this is due to coil side effects or if it's because I'm sore from beinginternally poked & prodded??

Sorry for waffling on, feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment & im kind of taking comfort in sharing symptoms with a fellow sufferer from recent laparoscopy.... How are you feeling ? I had the procedure just 2 days before you .... If you are still feeling under I remember feeling considerably better on my 3rd day... Although I'm still not fully recovered any improvement was improvement from not daring to move for fear of pain from disturbing the trapped gas.

Sending get well soon wishes & hoping to hear how you are getting on x

Stars1 Tue 29-Dec-15 11:40:42

I've been a bit sore since the procedure and just a bit tender in my tummy (they also drained 4 litres of Ascites too, which is still leaking a bit).

Well yesterday the pain hit me big time in the shoulders, 4/5 days post procedure (thought I'd got away with it) I was awake all night sat up and I literally in agony and I would of jumped of a cliff if one was close!
Peppermint is making me sick so I drinking black currant and hit water

Hope you get sorted Lottie, my sister had the coil fitted and she is like a new woman so hopefully it will help.

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