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Mum diagnosed with multiple heart issues - can anyone shed any light on what this all means?

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WyrdByrd Sun 13-Dec-15 19:10:45

Mum is 76, has suffered from atrial fibrillation/SVT for years. Is also on meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol and is Type 2 diabetic.

She had a CT scan a few weeks ago and got the results on Thursday - multiple blood clots in one chamber of her heart, left anterior descending artery disease and a thrombus in right atrial entry.

She takes a blood thinning tablet already (not warfarin or heparin - something a bit gentler I think) and GP has said to double dose from 15mg - 30mg for a fortnight then drop down to 20mg a day and she will have to have further tests/scans in the New Year, including a possible angiogram.

GP doesn't seem to have really told her anything about her prognosis for the future or how things might pan out. Obviously a lot depends on whether the meds dissolve the main clot, but she is really worried and I'm not sure what to think or do to support her. She tends to suffer from health anxiety so don't want to exacerbate it and usually put a positive face on but not sure if I should be taking it a bit more seriously. Even my Dad is rattled which is not like him. I don't think he'd manage on his own if the worst happens.

If anyone reading has had any experience of any of these things and can shed some light on what the future might hold for us I'd really appreciate it.

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