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Can central heating make coughs worse?

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crazydazy Wed 13-Dec-06 20:54:24

We have had central heating installed in the autumn, our children seem to have a dry cough which they can't shake off and it seems to get worse when the central heating is on. In weather like this we obviously need the heating but not sure if its good for my kid's health!

Anybody else have the same problem?

Nemoinapeartree Wed 13-Dec-06 21:02:43

If they have a dry cough try leaving a bowl of water or wet towels on the radiators to put some moisture into the air. WE have this problem as both DD and I are asthmatic and if it is very dry can make coughs worse.

crazydazy Wed 13-Dec-06 21:09:03

Thanks Nemo, yes my children both have mild asthma. Will have to try that, thanks.

christmas2NDTIMEmistletoenwine Wed 13-Dec-06 22:52:28

We moved to a house without CH after previously having it.

The kids used to suffer terribly with night time coughs and one in particular had regular croup.

We bought a humidifier to add moisture to the air. It worked to a degree.

Since we moved to an ancient lod house without CH they are 100% better!

GP advised us to drape sodden towels over the radiators in their rooms at night, that was also beneficial.

crazydazy Thu 14-Dec-06 13:24:12

I don't put the radiators on in their rooms, just downstairs.

Today DS was coughing a lot when he got up and so I kept him off school, we went out to the shopping centre and he was totally fine but now we have arrived back home (the central heating has been on an hour or so) and he's back to coughing continuously now.

It just seems like I am going to have to stop putting the heating on altogether.

Nemoinapeartree Thu 14-Dec-06 14:05:55

crazydays try the water thing first and also make sure he is drinking a lot of water as some types of asthma are a lot worse if the air is dry[mine is] also if you can afford it a humidifier would help..we cant hence the towels and water bowls

BonitaSunshine Thu 05-May-16 12:26:22

My son has been coughing for a month, at home its the worse at school so so but not much better. I want to get him tested for asmha and mold and other allergies.... now.he is.getting fiver with his cought, thought it was a cold but this heavy cough for a month with cough medicine everynight.... shouldn't last this long sad I'm very concerned..... use a humidifier air still feels kinda dusty/dry.... anyone have any ideas on maybe what medicine is.really good for dry coughy throats?? it's for my 4years old and me.

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