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my mouth

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waitingforsomething Sat 12-Dec-15 07:04:15

Can anyone help? A couple of days ago I got diagnosed with tonsilitis and have antibiotics from doctor. I am also in a lot of pain in the mouth area, especially on one side. On examination I have white spots on my upper gums, on the roof of my mouth, at the back inside of my mouth (there's one large painful one here) and I can hardly sleep because of the pain. Is this an offshoot of tonsilitis or something else?

midsummabreak Sat 12-Dec-15 10:10:29

You may have thrush in your mouth
It is sometimes a side effect from taking antibiotics
You can show your pharmacist/chemist and they will give you 'Nilstat' oral drops or somethin similar if it is thrush Otherwise see gP

waitingforsomething Sat 12-Dec-15 16:33:10

Thanks- turns out I have oral shingles. Probably the worst pain of l my life!

midsummabreak Wed 16-Dec-15 19:58:32

Oooh my sister has shingles recently and had it across the right side of her face and her eye. Oral shingles sounds nasty. Hope you are slightly better now waitin

waitingforsomething Wed 16-Dec-15 20:06:14

Thank you midsumma, I feel a bit better in myself although the blisters rage on. Your poor sister it is awful

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