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Smell/taste has run away

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oldsilver Fri 11-Dec-15 14:05:31

Yup, packed it's little hanky, slung it over it's shoulder and absconded hand in hand with my sense of taste.

Slight bout of sinusitis-have steamed, taken decongestants, anti histimine and blowing me nose

oldsilver Fri 11-Dec-15 14:08:55

Pah, stupid phone...a lot.

Works do tonight, favourite time of year for food and it's goinfg to smell/taste of nothing.

Any quick tips to encourage them back? Please. Ta everso.

29PaddingtonSt Fri 11-Dec-15 14:42:42

I sympathise! I've had sinusitis and no sense of taste or smell for each of the last three Christmases. I was just thinking earlier in the week that none of us have had colds this Autumn but have woken up with a sore throat and sneezing this morning and feel like a cold is on its way- perfectly timed to have sinusitis this Christmas.angry

oldsilver Fri 11-Dec-15 17:22:43

Hope it's just a cold this time!

I am not enjoying this one bit, even my brew is tasteless <sobs>

ellenjames Fri 11-Dec-15 17:25:55

Sinus rinse is the best thing I found for any sinus problems smile

oldsilver Fri 11-Dec-15 18:00:14

Thank you! I shall purchase some tomorrow.

Once more into the steam inhalation dear friends...

oldsilver Fri 11-Dec-15 18:04:19

DP slightly perturbed last night when I liberally doused the house in Olbas oil to help alleviate DS's cough - I asked him if it was off as I couldn't smell it. Meanwhile DP and DS's eyes were streaming from the fumes...oopsy.

maggiso Fri 11-Dec-15 19:48:44

I'm in the same boat. It just shows how our sense of taste is partially dependent on smell. I use Sterimar saline spray (or similar) as it is easy to use. The taste I do get is mighty odd - off milk instead of tea! (but the milk apparently is fine)

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