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If I wanted to thank a particular GP?

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Hurr1cane Thu 10-Dec-15 18:12:39

What would be the most appropriate way? Obviously I've said thank you but this particular GP has helped me so much through DSs health issues. I know it's her job but I really feel like she goes above and beyond for us

UtterlyClueless Thu 10-Dec-15 18:15:55

Thank you cards & choc passed into the surgery seem to be the norm

PennySillin Thu 10-Dec-15 18:15:59

Maybe not what you were thinking but one way that would really be of benefit to her would be to put how you feel in writing as pt feedback is a really important part of revalidation for Drs and nurses. She'll be able to use it in her portfolio!

Hurr1cane Thu 10-Dec-15 18:23:47

What's PT feedback?

Hurr1cane Thu 10-Dec-15 18:24:08

Cards and chocs are easy enough. Thank you!

tribpot Thu 10-Dec-15 18:29:22

PT feedback is patient feedback - Penny is right, something written that she can add to her file will be more use to her than some chocs.

Hurr1cane Thu 10-Dec-15 18:31:24

So is that just like a letter? Or is there a form?

Hurr1cane Thu 10-Dec-15 18:31:36

Sorry if I'm being thick

ChablisTyrant Thu 10-Dec-15 18:32:34

My brother is a doctor and keeps all the nice letters from patients for his portfolio!

UtterlyClueless Thu 10-Dec-15 18:33:43

It's different depending on practices some have 'forms'

iMatter Thu 10-Dec-15 18:33:59

Ds2 had an operation a while ago and every single person involved was so kind, helpful, supportive and understanding. I wrote a letter copied to the hospital trust thanking them (naming them where possible) and telling them how amazing, professional, patient and understanding they had been.

I also took in a huge tin of chocolates.

Blowninonabreeze Thu 10-Dec-15 18:34:01

If you write your sentiments in a card, then not only will the individual be thrilled, they can also use your feedback as part of their annual appraisal.

Hurr1cane Thu 10-Dec-15 18:34:40

I've never seen a form, should I just type up a nice letter and send it in with some chocolates?

UtterlyClueless Thu 10-Dec-15 18:36:08

Yeah you can do that they'll be thrilled! It's nice to see doctors getting praise.

My parents and siblings are always fed up with the grief they get no matter how hard they work it puts me off continuing with my degree but good feedback always cheers them right up.

Hurr1cane Thu 10-Dec-15 18:36:24

If she can use it then even better. Her help has been going on for 4 years now. She has absolutely no idea what is wrong with DS (apart from one thing which she's adamant about) but is brilliant at putting rockets up the hospitals arse and has helped me through some very bad things too

PennySillin Thu 10-Dec-15 18:40:32

Sorry I meant patient feedback. No form (or at least not in my practice) just a letter or card would be perfect!

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Thu 10-Dec-15 18:55:34

A thank you card would be lovely - she can put it in her professional portfolio and use it as "evidence" of being a good Dr. You could also write to the practice manager and ask that they inform her boss how good she has been.

Hurr1cane Thu 10-Dec-15 18:57:37

Thank you! I'll do her a card then!

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