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Syndol - The Original One!

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Bobbers Thu 10-Dec-15 14:03:56

Done a bit of rooting about on various sites etc regarding Syndol and the pale immatation that is about now. Thing is I get these blinding headaches and have used the 'cocktail' method of Cod/par & doxy to mimic the ingredients that were used. It works to a fashion if only used at bed time! otherwise forget any normal behaviour!
Now it may be known to other people that you can get pretty much the same product (minus the caffeine, which I think speeds up the absorption of the ingredients) from pharmacies in Australia over the counter. It basically comes in two forms either the leading name/cost of Mersyndol or the same make up but in the chemists own brand. Downside is that you get the third degree by the person selling it, and the pharmacist giving the ok for it!!
Now I have heard that they are going to tighten up the selling of products containing Para/Codi even further so it's 'script only......
Still if you know anybody going on a quick (23hr!!) flight then get them to do some serious shopping using a variety of names.
I know this as I know this (if you get my drift!) you could say that my cup runneth over wink

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