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Preparing a 2 year old for hospital/ operation

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Mo2 Tue 18-May-04 11:07:33

My friend's DD, aged 2.2 will be going into hopsital in a few weeks time for a hip operation and will then be in plaster for a few weeks afterwards.

Anyone got any experience/ tips to share to help her talk to her DD about it.
Anyone recommend any good books about hospital visits?

chatee Tue 18-May-04 11:33:26

is she going in a hip spica cast???for a dislocated hip???
make sure she gets all the equipment to help her when she is at home because that is the hardest time, tell her to ask if there is a buggy that can help her get out and about...
ideas for hospital/games for at home
bubbles, finger painting,splash mat/dance mat, musical instruments/videos....
encourage her to try and keep her dd in a similar routine even though it is hard
which hospital is she going in?? is she local enough to go and visit it beforehand??
my dd had a hip spica but was alot younger but there were older children on the ward having it done, good luck to her

Mo2 Tue 18-May-04 11:52:12

Chatee - thanks - yes - I think that's what it is. Poor little girl has BOTH hips dislocated, so will have 2 operations in succession and may be in plaster for 3 months or so

She's going to Great Ormand Street so maybe won't be able to visit before.

Sparks Tue 18-May-04 12:06:10

The Great Ormond Street web site has some pages about helping children cope with hospital.

I don't have any experience myself, but am interested in hearing what others have to say because I expect my dd to have some plastic surgery next year.

Wallace Tue 18-May-04 21:02:57

Dd had open heart surgery when she was 18months. I read books with her, talked about it, played with dollies eg attached wires etc to the dolly where she would have them
It seemed to work - she was an absolute angel for the whole week.
There is an Usbourne book called "going to the hospital" .The boy is having grommits in or something like that , but I just changed it to what suited our situation.
Dd was on the waiting list for 7 months, so it was just something that she always knew about "when you go to the hospital..." , we didn't make a big deal out of it (sometimes hard when you can hardly talk about it without crying)

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