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Tonic-clonic seizure, out of the blue: how bad is that?

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Alastrante Thu 10-Dec-15 09:25:03

My husband had a full-on seizure, with no prior history of anything that might be related (not even migraine). Brain scan normal, blood tests normal.

He works a lot - has been travelling a lot for business, is always 'on', loves his job but never switches off. He doesn't always look after himself (drinks a bit much, eats fatty food) but has a constant if low level of exercise. Recently he's been involved in a very stressful project but I'd say he's a calm, hardworking person, not a stress-head in general.

Could recent stress have brought on the seizure? Is that something which happens? Has it ever happened to you?

(I'm at a loss and tbh very anxious about it!)

UtterlyClueless Thu 10-Dec-15 09:27:26

My mum had two seizures out of the blue, no clinical reason for her to have had them.

In the end it was put down to stress and lack of sleep. She didn't have any more after those (fingers crossed)

Hopefully it's the same for your husband! Just keeping thinking positive about the brain scan & bloods.

Alastrante Thu 10-Dec-15 10:46:22

Thanks utterlyclueless

Did she make changes to her lifestyle?

UtterlyClueless Thu 10-Dec-15 10:48:16

It was a bit hard for her due to the nature of her job (consultant) but she slowed down and took on less family commitments tried to rest whenever she could.

Hope your husband is well and has no more seizures.

buddhasbelly Thu 10-Dec-15 10:55:09

I had a grand mal seizure last year. Part of it was due to being prescribed a medication that I reacted to, but the greater contributing factor was the huge amount of stress I was under at the time and a severe lack of sleep (wont bother going into the circs as this is your thread op!).

I haven't had one since but from time to time when I am under a bit of stress and of not much sleep I feel seizure like symptoms coming on. Thats when I know to take time out. I also now exercise regularly which has helped me get much better sleep.

Lack of sleep lowers your seizure threshold, it's amazing how much fatigue can affect your health. Hope your dh is getting better flowers

Alastrante Thu 10-Dec-15 10:59:10

Thank you. He has definitely been burning the candle at both ends and intercontinental travel is just a bugger the older you get.

Buddhasbelly what do seizure-like symptoms feel like? (Glad to hear it hasn't recurred.)

c4bbage Sun 11-Feb-18 22:14:58

Sorry I know this is from a long time ago but my boyfriend had his first seizure on Tuesday night for the first time and I'm really struggling and can't sleep now!! Any advice? Did your husband have anymore seizures??

MyGuideJools Sun 11-Feb-18 22:30:21

c4bbage sorry to hear about your bf.
My DD had 2 seizures out of the blue 6 years ago. She was 19 and at uni, working all hours and doing exams.
She had all the tests and nothing unusual found. But because she'd had 2 seizures she was diagnosed with epilepsy and is on drugs. She had to stop driving for a year but had no more seizures.
im convinced it was stress, and tiredness related.
I feel for you, it's horrible to witness flowers

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