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Pain in Abdomen After MC

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Mary629 Thu 10-Dec-15 05:17:43


I was 8 weeks pregnant and I had a miscarriage on 15th November 2015. It's been 3 weeks now but I have very bad pain in my abdomen. A wavy kinda pain. My pain seems to get worse days after days. I been to my GP but he say take Paracetamol. But, even after taking Paracetamol there's no effect. I asked the GP if I can have a Re-Scan? He says, there's no point of scan as I had undergone a "Clear Scan". I'm worried coz my pain in abdomen is unbearable and I don't want later for it to be discovered as there some retained Tissue left.

Can anybody tell me what step can I take next, coz I believe my GP is not supporting me. Every time he only says to take Paracetamol.

justanotherquestion Thu 10-Dec-15 09:13:43

Are you saying that after your miscarriage you had a scan and there were no retained products left - a clear scan? If so, it is unlikely there are retained products.

Could it be an infection? Is there any discharge or blood?

I had a miscarriage and D&C, unfortunately, I still had retained products and I had spasms of pain and spotting for at least 3 or 4 weeks until I went back to the hospital. It was worse when I lifted anything or bent down. I had a scan and they could see that I had retained products. Apparently, my cervix was still open and my womb was contracting from time to time to try and expel the products. This means there is an increased risk of infection. However, it does not sound very likely in your case, but if you are in pain then I would go back to the GP.

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