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Any ideas?

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80schild Wed 09-Dec-15 22:54:53

At the beginning of the year I had a number of infections (the worst was a bladder infection with a secondary infection of oral thrush) that didn't clear up and was so ill that at one point my gp tested me for ovarian cancer. I have managed to go 4 months now without having anything major happen but have now just noticed a huge rash on my arm - when I went to pharmacist she said it looked infected. On top of this, I have noticed pain in my bladder and I just know that it is starting up again. I am feeling so depressed at the thought of another winter being ill and not knowing how to deal with it and not getting any answers again and not having any energy.

I keep on thinking there must be someone who must know something that will explain all the infections that are difficult to get rid of. Before I had kids I was hardly ever unwell and now it just seems to be the general state of affairs. At first I thought it was just what happened when you had kids but it really doesn't feel normal.

Suggestions anyone?

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