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Waiting for ca -125 results

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Nerris Tue 08-Dec-15 11:14:23

Hi all,
For the past 6 months I have had 2 ovarian cysts monitored having had emergency surgery for torsion of huge ones 8 years ago.
One is small and likely dermoid the other is the size of a hens egg and I was told last Friday that it has some signs of papillary projections, which apparently can be a sign of malignancy. On the same day I had bloods taken for all kinds of things that I can't recall now, but I do know one of them was for ca-125.

I spoke to the consultants secretary this morning and she said I will be told if there is anything to worry about, but she couldn't be certain how long it would take.

I just feel in limbo atm, I don't want to be fobbed off as I know normal ca125 levels don't always mean that the cyst is benign, but I just wondered if anyone has been in a similar position and what happened with results, next step etc.


Geepee71 Tue 08-Dec-15 17:07:50

I had to wait 2 weeks for blood test results including CA 125. Once received, I saw doctor and was then referred to gynae under 2 week rule, had appointment within 2 weeks, inc internal. Mass was found so sent for Ultrasound and the MRI scan. Fibroid was found and has since been removed. Initial bloods taken in August, operation in November 2015.
If you are worried I'd talk to your GP about the results and any follow up actions.

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