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Bruised spleen/kidney?

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AnonymousBird Tue 08-Dec-15 10:19:58

I fell down the stairs ten days ago, landed hard on a wooden step on my back/left hand side around the base of my ribs. General external bruising etc and soreness now well recovered but I am left with a sore "internal" feeling - not muscular, and it kind of emanates around from just above hip at the back/bottom of ribs around to almost feel like a burning sensation near where I imagine my ovaries and bladder are.... It's not constant, but it is there. Abdomen generally tender/hard, more than normal.

I've just looked at a diagram of the human organs (biology not my strong point!) and see that there is a spleen in the approximate area, but that seems to be more at the front of the body than the back/side and maybe a bit high and the kidney may be in the right location for the discomfort I am feeling.

Anyone with a bit of knowledge here who can advise, and is this the kind of thing I should get checked out? I otherwise feel well and have not noticed any changes in bodily functions/appetite etc.


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