what is this little lump on jaw line?

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Sleepyfergus Mon 07-Dec-15 22:15:41

I'm a bit run down at the mo, got a head cold and generally feeling a bit crap. Don't know if that's relevant but thought I'd mention it.

My right hand jaw bone is a tiny bit sore. If I run my finger along it from ear towards my chin, about a third of the way along I can feel a little bump (about the size of a small pea) which moves back and forth as I run my finger over it. It's sore like a bruise.

Anyone know what this might be?

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PhilPhilConnors Mon 07-Dec-15 22:19:43

A gland?

Clobbered Mon 07-Dec-15 22:20:20

Sounds like a swollen lymph node. Keep an eye on it for a few weeks - it will probably disappear as your cold gets better, but get your GP to look at it if it doesn't go away.

Sleepyfergus Mon 07-Dec-15 22:26:57

Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it.

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sofiahelin Mon 07-Dec-15 22:28:06

I get those every time I get a cold or whatever. Never been to the GP about it, let me know what they say if you do!

Sleepyfergus Mon 07-Dec-15 22:38:41

Will do! A quick Google seems to confirm its a gland and common during colds etc. I didn't know small ones existed there before. I often get swollen glands in the neck but not to my memory on the jawline.

I was worried it was the start of some horrid tooth abscess so rather relived that's it s probably harmless.

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Hanex Sun 08-Dec-19 11:34:09

Hi, I know this is such a long time later but how are you doing? Did you find out what it was?

H x


yesterdayhasgone Sun 08-Dec-19 14:32:40

This sounds like what my dh had. He went to the doctors who was unconcerned and gave him antibiotics, it went within a week.

Almostfifty Sun 08-Dec-19 18:52:14

I've had one similar for at least ten years. It never changes size or shape so I just ignore it.

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