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Is this restless legs syndrome or just a symptom related to a cfs relapse?

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HeyMacWey Mon 07-Dec-15 09:03:26

The last two nights it's been impossible to sleep as my legs are buzzing and I need to move them to temporarily get some comfort. They don't twitch uncontrollably but I'm certainly having to move them to get comfortable. Dh said I was jumping about all over the place so perhaps they were twitching when I got some short bursts of sleep.

I have cfs/me and feel like I'm going through a relapse - was housebound last week and this week I'm struggling to walk/stand up for longer than a few minutes as my legs feel so weak. They are constantly aching and nothing is relieving it. Even when I'm resting they're still aching. I feel how I did when I first got ill.

Should I bother going to the docs? I'm on nortryptaline for pain relief and regularly have epsom salt baths. I've read that gabapentin offers some relief so perhaps worth changing my pain relief.

I've been doing some gentle stretching but this only offers relief for a few minutes.

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