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AhhhhABaby Mon 07-Dec-15 08:21:11

Weird question really that's been playing on my mind a lot since since I was re admitted into hospital last week.

So the doctor said have you had or do you have any STI and I said not that I'm aware of. and she didn't seem puzzled why I wouldn't know for sure confused (I always say not that I'm aware of even when they ask the pregnancy question as things can change right).

I have been with my partner 6 years.

The part I'm confused with is how you actually get tested my mum told me everytime you get bloods done (including in Emergancy) they test for what STI they can and when I got a urine sample token the other day they said they were going to look for any infections then came back and told me 'all clear'

Have I just been total naive?

I'm only 21 been with my boyfriend since 15. Xxxx

OddSocksHighHeels Mon 07-Dec-15 09:51:41

Have you never had an STI test? If you're sexually active then you really need to. Go to your local GUM clinic, it's quick and easy to get done - they use swabs to test for most STI's and blood samples for HIV.

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