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Muscle twitches

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elizabeth27 Sun 06-Dec-15 07:41:25

Ok has anyone had or get these??? I am getting them in my thigh mainly the right one but some other places too and it's worrying me. Saw the gp who didn't seem concerned but that was really only when I was getting them in one thigh and said it was most probably connected to my back pain that I see an osteo for. Osteo has said the muscles in my thigh are tight which I kind of get but why are they twitching in other places too! I shouldn't have googled because I am reading all sorts of horrific things......taking magnesium for about two weeks and hasn't made any difference...anyone? Please?! Thanks x

justanotherquestion Sun 06-Dec-15 12:23:39

Yes, I get these. I am not overly worried about it now. I get them virtually all over my body, often for only a second or two, but sometimes I get one muscle twitching for an hour or so.

I had a time a year ago when I was getting a certain patch in my calf twitching more persistently virtually every day for a week or so. More recently it has been a thumb moving. I have been taking magnesium too to no avail.

In my case I think it is stress, as I first noticed sensory symptoms after repeated miscarriages and operations. At that time, it was feelings of pins and needles and ants crawling all over my body. I had a clear Mri and it was put down to migraine aura (due to the fluctuating hormones of miscarriages) or stress.

The muscle twitching has come on more recently but I am again going through a period of stressful events. It is worth checking thyroid too and possibly B12.

If it gets worse, I would see the GP again as stress will certainly make it more noticeable and you want to know for certain that it is nothing to worry about.

elizabeth27 Sun 06-Dec-15 20:57:22

Thanks justanotherquestion - it is definately worse in bed when I am still and maybe thinking about it more? I think the more I think about it the worse it is I just wish I knew why these things suddenly happened!

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