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Dental abscess or sinus infection?

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MrsCornish Fri 04-Dec-15 19:18:12

I've had achy jaws and head for a few weeks, on and off. On Wed night a pain started, focused in my jaw, but radiating all round the right side of my head. It was extreme, and woke me up all night. I assumed dental cause, and went first thing next day to the dentist. She took xrays, tapped teeth (no pain) tested the tooth that seemed to be most likely for nerve damage and found it to be alive and fine. She was very thorough, ruled out dental cause and recommended GP, suggesting sinus problems. Lucky to get a GP appt straight after, and she said, hmm, not sinusy, maybe Trigeminal neuralgia. Have lots of painkillers and come back in a week, or sooner if anything changes.
Today, the pain is much more focused on one bit of upper jaw and when i feel up between my gum and my mouth, i can feel a hot soft bulge. Surely an infection.
Got GP phone appt, she says definitely dental, and has given me antibiotics for the weekend.
Do i go back to dentist? How can it be dental but nothing detected by dentist?

BetweenTwoLungs Fri 04-Dec-15 19:26:20

Does it get worse when you bend forward? That's how I inow when it's sinus.

MrsCornish Fri 04-Dec-15 19:31:42

it did yesterday, but not today. but then i am on a mountain of painkillers today.
i feel like something has burst since yesterday, and now there is clearly a swelling above my teeth. would an infected sinus reach down into that space of my head?

MrsCornish Mon 04-Jan-16 20:17:00

Me again. Went back to dentist, she said hmm probably need root canal treatment. I can do it now, or you can come back in a month. It's now a month later. I still have a lump in my gum, high up. Tooth feels under pressure, but not painful. Am anxious at I want to understand how she'll get the lump to go away. Scared in case I should go to an endodontist. Just scared.

nashley Tue 12-Jan-16 00:04:14

I'm in a similar position, it's so scary.
I've had pain in upper right jaw for last month. Dentist has done 2 fillings and X-rays. Nothing sorted and says root canal should sort it. Should?!!! I don't want to go through that for nothing!
He asked me if I usually have sinus problems and I don't. No other sinus symptoms either. I'm so worried too and not due for root canal for another 5 weeks!
I'm not being much help to you but know you're not alone sad

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