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If you take these b12/magnesium/inositol - what brand & dosage do you take?

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nannybea Fri 04-Dec-15 16:55:42


Sorry been clogging up the health threads with many questions. I am trying to improve my mental health with taking a range of vitamins including


May i ask if you take it what brand & dosage do you take?

I have found good vitamin d & k2 supplements here thanks to mumsnet.

All help appreciated smile

nannybea Sat 05-Dec-15 13:36:58

mnhq- could you possibly move this to mental health where i might get more answers? thankyou

Pleasemrstweedie Sat 05-Dec-15 18:06:53

nannybea Mon 07-Dec-15 15:22:30

thankyou smile

BloodyBloods Mon 07-Dec-15 15:37:17

I am taking Jarrow Methylcobalamin B-12 500mcg lozenges. When I have finished these ones I will get the ones Pleasemrstweedie linked. I can definitely feel that they are doing me some good, even though I was not officially deficient in B-12.

Pleasemrstweedie Mon 07-Dec-15 16:16:52

Well, this is it. Your average GP will be happy if your result comes back within the reference range, the online thyroid community says it needs to be at least 500 and the Pernicious Anaemia Society talk of it being 1,000 or so to be replete, so what do you do for the best? Either way, B12 is water soluble, so you’ll lose what you don’t need and you can’t overdose.

BloodyBloods Mon 07-Dec-15 16:33:36

My GP was useless and told me a ferritin level of 8 is fine. When I explained that I am barely able to get out of bed she offered me antidepressants. I have got round this by going to the family planning who have referred me for investigations. But although my B-12 is within the range I started taking B-12 because I did a lot of reading and was shocked by what I found. A lot of the symptoms I was having were symptoms of B-12 deficiency. And I really do feel better after taking it but I still have the ferritin to address.

nannybea Mon 07-Dec-15 18:22:12

Have you tried any other supplements for your ferritin level bloodybloods?

BloodyBloods Mon 07-Dec-15 18:46:23

I am currently taking ferrous sulphate which makes me very sick so I am taking spatone on the days when I can't manage the ferrous sulphate. I've been told that my levels are so low that it will take many months at least to get them up and all I am doing at the moment is trying to stop them falling any further while I wait for my gynae appointment to come through. I wish there was a magic way to get them up. My hair is coming out at an alarming rate.

nannybea Mon 07-Dec-15 19:18:09

have you tried any others like Ferrous Bisglycinate -

BloodyBloods Mon 07-Dec-15 19:50:04

I've tried Iron Bisglycinate, and it doesn't agree with me. I have bought so many iron supplements and none of them agree with me at all. The only one I can take is spatone, which is just too low in iron to be making much difference at all.

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