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Anyone else want to kick the nicotine in 2016?

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CainInThePunting Fri 04-Dec-15 01:12:14

I don't really want to as such; I love smoking. Really L O V E it.

But there are a great many, very good reasons to give it the elbow.

Health, finances, social acceptance...etc

Anybody want to start the count down with me and psyche themselves up for Q-day?

My name is Cain and I am a nicotine addict.
I've quit smoking many times over the years, for many years at a time but I always seem to start again.
This last time it was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, (yes, I know!) any excuse will do though.
It doesn't take much, the cravings get less but never actually stop. I may have been a non-smoker for some years but all of a sudden BAM! Ooh I really need a smoke...

But in fairness, as consistently as I keep going back to it, I also keep on quitting too.
And apparently, the more times you quit, the more likely you are to stay quit.

So 2015 is going to be my last year as a smoker.

Anyone want to nail their colours to the post? We have four weeks left as filthy smokers...

magimedi Fri 04-Dec-15 08:01:15

Cain You might want to post this on the Stop Smoking threads as well.

Lots of quiutters over there, some vapers, some who have gone cold turkey, some who have used patches... & loads of advice .

I'm 3 years free of cigs, but am still a vaper.

Very good luck to you with your great resolution.

EmNetta Fri 04-Dec-15 23:30:18

More good wishes from me - I stopped about ten years ago, never re-started although tempted. I took the NHS course, which is amazingly good as lots of relevant information, - I really recommend it.

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