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SacroIliac Joint Pain

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bodiddlydora Thu 03-Dec-15 21:24:24

Hello all - about 6 weeks ago (and about 6 weeks after having my baby) I struggled to lift the pram into the boot of my car and the next day could hardly move. I have pain just on the left side of my lower back, sometimes in my left buttock and sometimes down my left leg. From what I've read it seems like I've damaged to ligaments at the sacral-iliac joint.
Has anybody else had this injury (it's more common after pregnancy because everything is looser) and if so how long did it take to recover? What helped? I'm constantly having to lift the baby and I'm always in pain and I'm starting to get quite depressed about it now. Thank you x

Maiziemonkey Fri 04-Dec-15 22:47:40

hiya, go and get referred to post-natal physio by GP, they will give more specialised advice and if the pain continues they should be able to get a doc to prescribe paracetamol and codeine which i actually fine to take when pg or post pg but some people will hide this info unless they feel you really need it. I found aquaaerobics and then pilates were very good- doing the physio exercises, heat and ibuprofen can also be a good painkiller for it. TENS machine can be utilised if you had one for labour.Dont suffer quietly because it is best managed asap, and can hang around or develop into other things. You could really do with not lifting anything heavy until you've had someone see what it is. My SIJ issues are still around but i'm a complicated case and most do resolve once you go back to normal through the normal post-partum period. I had spd in pg- you may have had this and put it down to just being back pain, cant recommend pilates enough and doing the kegels too. hope it feels better soon

cravingcake Sat 05-Dec-15 17:18:03

I have permanent injury to my sacroiliac joints due to pregnancies and giving birth. I am also hypermobile and not a straight forward case. Definitely see your GP and ask for physio referral, they will be able to help with exercises to strengthen the muscles etc.

In the short term try not to lift anything heavier than your baby (so no carrying Hoover upstairs or that heavy washing basket). I am assuming you had a normal birth without any interventions (forceps, ventouse) or epidural, these can affect you for a while afterwards.

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