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Costochondirtis (sp?)

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lollybabe12001 Thu 03-Dec-15 17:35:45

Anyone have the above condition hubby has had it 3 years now on lots of pain killers tramadol etc daily had steroid injection twice in the site of the pain didn't work he's In counselling but finding it difficult to cope most days!

Preciousxbane Thu 03-Dec-15 17:43:11

I have had it twice but mine is linked to the fact I have scoliosis of the spine so I pull unnaturally all the time when I walk if that makes sense. Painkillers really didn't seem to touch it and it is also linked with stress. I had some physiotherapy and I now pay to see an osteopath occasionally which helps a little but turned down the cortisone injection.

Mine totally flares up when stressed. I know this sounds a bit odd but I really try and not be scared of the pain because pain and fear makes you tense up and it makes it worse. I'm not saying mind over matter can make it better obviously but the more scared of the pain I am the worse it actually is if this makes sense.

I'm really careful with what I pick up and move about so as not to strain anything as that can set it off a bit.

peacypops Thu 03-Dec-15 18:20:36

I have been diagnosed with it and have been suffering for around a year now. Not a lot helps really - have tried ice packs, heat pads etc but not much success. Finally saw a physiotherapist this week but she isn't too sure how much she will be able to do for me as it is quite a difficult condition to treat apparently. For me the only thing that helps (a little )is complete rest but this is almost impossible a lot of the time as I work and have small children. There is quite a good Facebook page for sufferers to share stories, advice etc - if you search you will find it. A lot of people seem to look at alternative therapies - chiropractors, osteopaths etc although I have yet to go down this path. I have also read that turmeric capsules can help some people - I have just started taking them to see if they help. The physiotherapist mentioned injections to me but I got the impression this would be a last resort. I can totally sympathise with your dh - it is horrible and really draining. Mine seems to have stemmed from a viral infection. How did it start for your dh?

lollybabe12001 Thu 03-Dec-15 19:41:23

Hi thanks for both replying! His started from extreme coughing through carbon monoxide poisoning! He has also tried tens machine but found it made it worse! Will look for the fb X

Preciousxbane Thu 03-Dec-15 23:15:05

Avoid chiropractors as they tend to crack your bones, the Osteo I see is very gentle.

If he can feel it actually swollen in the area it may actually be Tietzes syndrome, which is almost the same but may be worth considering.

lollybabe12001 Fri 04-Dec-15 15:54:30

Yes he can feel see/feel a lump we Haven't heard heard of tietzes syndrome and doctors haven't mentioned it will look it up thank you x

PurpleHairAndPearls Fri 04-Dec-15 16:17:53

I've had this and was shocked at how painful it was - sympathies to your DH.

The only thing that helped me, as pp said was complete rest, literally as little movement as possible until it eased up.

I also found lying slightly propped up was slightly less painful - does he have a big wedge pillow or similar? Like a big triangle placed under you so you're sloping upwards from waist up if that makes any sense!

Oh it's horrible, it's making me shudder to remember it. DH wanted to call an ambulance for me one night! I hope your DH feels better soon.

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