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Lump on ds head. Been there 5 years

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Notthinkingclearly Thu 03-Dec-15 07:50:04

Sorry have posted on childrens health but as I am going a little frantic i wondered if anyone might be able to reassure me on here. Ds is 8. When he was 3 we noticed that DS had a lumpy area in thr top of his head. Flew to the Drs in a panic and was reassured that was just the way the bones had fused together. The lump has remained and i have always sort of had it at the back of mind. Yesterday we had an appointment with a peaditrician regarding something else. As we were leaving I plucked up the courage to ask her opinion. She said she wasn't worried but said I would be best to do an MRI scan or CT to be sure. Now I am absolute panic and can't eat or sleep. Anyone been through anything similar. The lump feels just like bone. Google is not my friend right now. He was well in himself.

Notthinkingclearly Thu 03-Dec-15 12:17:37


Milliways Thu 03-Dec-15 19:24:30

I have a bony lump the size and shape of a marble on the back of my head, it just appeared many years ago now (maybe after a bump but I couldn't remember one) and I too flew to the docs.
He said was likely just a bony growth but as I had pointed it out they sent me for X-ray to confirm, just in case.
It is just bone, so it stays there. Hairdressers notice it and I have to have a pillow, even feel it lying in bath( have to have head on side) but it's doing no harm and would be head shaving and painful to get it removed.
Apparently they are very common.

lljkk Thu 03-Dec-15 19:33:08

Doesn't sound like an important problem if it's been there 5 yrs without troubling him.

Don't panic. Problems have solutions.

Notthinkingclearly Fri 04-Dec-15 07:49:14

Thanks for replies. I called mri dept and they told me it wasn't marked urgent so that gives me some comfort. Maybe upto 6 weeks. What is upsetting me most is son asked "what if they find something bad mummy". This is due to my dad having cancer and needing a MRI.

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