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Which Probiotic supplement for treating thrush?

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WhatBecomes Thu 03-Dec-15 00:20:54

I'm looking to take a probiotic to help battle recurring thrush but there's so many out there and I'm genuinely confused.

Also which probiotic yoghurt is helpful?


WhatBecomes Thu 03-Dec-15 08:53:05

Bump. Am going holland and barrett. Any suggestions?

WhatBecomes Thu 03-Dec-15 09:56:49


rogueantimatter Thu 03-Dec-15 10:01:12

Three lac or Fivelac are recommended by experts but I don't know if H+B stocks them.

Also good are caprylic acid, grapefruit-seed extract, oregano capsules, garlic, colloidal silver, pau d'arco and horopito anise. These aren't probiotics though.

I don't know if a probiotic on its own would be enough.

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