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Tingling sensation down below

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Toffeelady2424 Tue 01-Dec-15 09:03:39

Hi Ladies, I'm hoping someone will be able to shed some light on what I may well be suffering with at present.
I have PCOS and recently was given Provera which I take every three months to keep my womb healthy as my periods are non existent and I'm not planning to have kiddies just yet.
During my last cycle of taking Provera, about a week in I started having this horrendous strong sensation down below,similar to the tingling recently just before you come on your period. This didn't subside for sometime, so much so it stopped me from walking - it was so uncomfortable. I stopped my Provera cycle early in the hope that the sensitivity would stop, came on my bleed and still had it. And over a month on, although it has subsided massively I still have it!
I tend to get this weird tingly sensation down below every now and again during the day. Sitting down helps. I feel like I need to wee and once going for a wee I then continually feel like I need to wee! I went to the Drs with it last week and she said it can't be the Provera tablet as it leaves your system after you stop taking it. She said as I've had a smear recently I don't have an STI and my urine sample came back fine. Doctor thinks it could well be psychological as I've been under a fair bit of stress recently but I've had it for 6 weeks now and its really really getting me down sad and I feel as if I've hit a brick wall with no idea what it is. I've avoided having sex over the past month with my parnter of 6 yrs just in the hope that it may settle.
I feel as though my insides are probably completely messed up due to having PCOS. I sometimes get a slight dash of blood when I wipe as if I am trying to come on but never a full period.
If anyone has any idea of what this could be or if anyone has had something similar I would be forever grateful to hear from you.x

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