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morning nausea but not pregnant

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waitingforsomething Tue 01-Dec-15 07:15:10

I am waking every morning feeling really sick and it's lasting till lunchtime. I have a 20 week old and an older child - been pregnant 3 times and lots of other symptoms - ive tested and I know I'm not . Any other ideas what it might be? I'm not breastfeeding but do take the pill

iwillbemrsminty Tue 01-Dec-15 13:37:58

Could it be your pill? Mine made me nauseous (amongst other things!) and had to change to another type. No problems since. A friend of mine gets round nausea caused by her pill by taking it before bed and sleeping through any nausea, whereas before she was taking it in morning and suffering nausea during every afternoon.

nmg85 Wed 02-Dec-15 11:16:34

Acid reflux gives me nausea in the morning.

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