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Gallstones and liver function

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NoManJan Mon 30-Nov-15 12:09:10

I'm currently waiting on an ultrasound to confirm if I have gallstones but I had bloods done too on Friday. I received a call this morning from my GP telling me that there was an issue with the liver function results and that I need a repeat blood test in 3 weeks.

Has anyone else experienced this? It wasn't explained what was wrong and I was so shocked at hearing liver function that I didn't ask!

My DD is 4 months and ebf so I'm worried what this means. Do liver function issues and gallstones go hand in hand?

justanotherquestion Mon 30-Nov-15 16:48:38

They can do. I remember my GP checking my liver function when I had gallstones and if it had been 'off' then she would have referred me more urgently. Try not to worry, she would have referred you if she was concerned. Your GP sounds like she is on the case and is being thorough.

NoManJan Mon 30-Nov-15 17:42:11

Thanks justanother I guess a follow up blood test in 3 weeks isn't too urgent. I have the ultrasound next week too so hopefully things will be a bit clearer then.

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