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icelollycraving Mon 30-Nov-15 11:54:20

I have been unwell for about a week. Cough,aching etc but coughing blood now. I had a telephone consultation & prescribed antibiotics,ventolin & spacer. I had an X-ray this morning in case of pneumonia. Once it was done they said I could phone my GP on Friday for the result. I saw it on the light board thing & my lung had a kind of cloud in it of about 1/3. Does that sound like pneumonia? Ds had pneumonia when he was teeny,I thought I was a bit more clued up.

Clarella Mon 30-Nov-15 13:53:13

I'm not sure, I'm sorry, but have they given antibiotics?

Pneumonia as far as I could tell when I had a bad chest infection is essentially a lower bacterial chest infection. This would be 'walking pneumonia'. They can usually tell by listening to your chest I believe? What have they said about the blood?

randomuser12 Mon 30-Nov-15 15:56:10

It may well be pneumonia from your description, but a doctor needs to have a look at the X-Ray to be sure and see whether any further investigations have been done.

When did you start the antibiotics? When did you last see a doctor? At a guess from what you have said this is on the borderline of whether it needs outpatient or inpatient treatment. If anything has worsened since you saw the doctor - ie the coughing blood is new or more SoB or feel more unwell- I would go to A&E tonight. If you have had 48-72hrs of antibiotics I would go to A&E.

Do you mind me asking your age? DO you normally have asthma/COPD? Were any bloods taken?

icelollycraving Mon 30-Nov-15 16:17:38

Ok,I'm 42. No asthma,started antibiotics today. Haven't actually seen a dr,all done on the phone (hate this system). No bloods taken. I phoned the GP as I was a bit worried,explained the X Ray to the receptionist who promised a call back. It came from her.the GP is off now & they aren't taking calls tomorrow because of the strike. hmm

Clarella Mon 30-Nov-15 16:34:42

From the little I know at least it's good you've started antibiotics. I guess if your condition gets a lot worse you should phone 111 again, though clearly tomorrow will be tough.

Clarella Mon 30-Nov-15 16:35:05

Or as said above a and e. Hope you feel better soon thanks

icelollycraving Mon 30-Nov-15 16:39:30

Thank you!

randomuser12 Mon 30-Nov-15 17:08:50

If you're feeling unwell generally (more than you expect to with a chest infection) I would go to A&E. Coughing up blood, and likely X-Ray changes need a medical assessment.

Actually on 2nd thoughts I would either go to A&E or see GP OOH tonight. It may well be appropriate to stay at home with antibiotics but you need a medical assessment to determine this now that we suspect X-Ray changes.

Severity of pneumonia is normally scored using CURB 65. 1 point for confusion, 1 point for blood urea 1 point for Resp Rate 1 point for blood pressure 1 point for Age>65.

Score of 0 - treat at home. Score of 1 - clinician decides. Score of 2 or above treat in hospital. Until a professional sees you we can't know what your U, R or B is.

I would see a doctor (either GP OOH or A&E) tonight.

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