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dry socket misery

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Levantine Mon 30-Nov-15 08:46:01

I have had a horrible weekend, with an infected dry socket. I had an extraction last monday and went to emergency dentist on friday who packed it and gave me antibiotics.

They told me to go back to my dentist once the antibiotics had calmed the infection, and I am wondering if I will be expected to pay for them to check it out. I really don't want to, extraction was £300 odd. I am not sure if dry socket is just one of those things and I will have to pay out, or if it will be treated as part of the treatment package that i have already paid for iyswim.

The emergency dentist said there was a chance that a piece of root was left in (I would be surprised as my dentist is pretty good and said it was an easy extraction) or a piece of bone is exposed, in which case it will need suturing.

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