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Bleeding after coil fitting

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Yorkiegirl Mon 17-May-04 17:03:46

Message withdrawn

LIZS Mon 17-May-04 17:06:20

Do you mean Mirena, if so there are several other users on here and a couple of threads. Bleeding post fitting varies both in length and amount. Mine was a couple of weeks, lightening after first couple of days.

Yorkiegirl Mon 17-May-04 19:18:10

Message withdrawn

coddycodcod Mon 17-May-04 19:35:56

yes on and off for a few months
keep a diary of it

Yorkiegirl Wed 23-Jun-04 01:18:49

Message withdrawn

essbee Wed 23-Jun-04 01:23:20

Message withdrawn

LIZS Wed 23-Jun-04 12:06:41

Yorkie girl

Does sound like quite a long time to me - think mine was a couple of weeks afterwards, then menstrual type for a while eventually becoming minimal. Perhaps it is worth a visit to dr to check you are not getting anaemic as a result, if nothing else.

spacemonkey Wed 23-Jun-04 12:52:52

How heavy is the bleeding yorkiegirl?

I think it's normal to bleed on and off for several months after a mirena is fitted. I had one fitted in January and the bleeding was non stop for about a month (but it was pretty light). Then erratic for another couple of months, and now it seems to have settled down. My periods are extremely light now - HURRAH!

Chinchilla Wed 23-Jun-04 23:05:53

My sis had a real problem with hers (gushing...sorry! ) so she had it removed.

Furball Wed 23-Jun-04 23:18:00

Coddycodcod - What happened with yours in the end?

rosies Thu 24-Jun-04 01:47:15

going back a few years, i had normal copper T coils 6 weeks after both my children were born and had no lengthy bleeding at all.

i thought the whole point of the mirena was to stop bleeds altogether.

i would think any bleeding that goes on longer than a couple of weeks should be referred to the doctor, just as a precaution.

poppyseed Thu 24-Jun-04 01:50:35

There's an other thread v.similar to this one as well. I had mine about 8 months ago. Bled for about 3/4 months continuously and then stopped. - sorry!! Bleeding diminished as it went on down to a pant liner's worth a day by the end - it was more annoying than anything really. Can take a fair bit of time to settle down, but is worth it I feel.

Aleena Tue 29-Jun-04 01:11:48

Hi everyone, I had the mirena coil fitted on 10th may and i have been bleeding ever since. Not heavy bleeding most of the time just spots. I am now bleeding like a period for the first time since coil fitted. I have been feeling so down since coil fitted prob cos of bleeding. GP said spotting coninues for 3 months and then settle down but i dont think i can wait 3 months. I hate this im feeling really really low

Cyndii Tue 29-Jun-04 15:19:47

I bled for at least a month after I had the coil fitted but it wasn't always heavy it could stop for a day or two and then return. But hold Yorkiegirl as it's so worth it great peace of mind. I had mine removed after 1 1/2 years so I'm now trying to conceive!!

Aleena Thu 01-Jul-04 00:44:23

Went to see GP today about possibility of removing coil. She advised me to persevere with it for a bit longer since its only been a month and half. I will try. Im also experiencing bas mood swings and feeling depressed. Has anyone had the same symptoms as well or is it just me. What about cramps and backaches?? I just hope the bleeding stops soon

Luvie Sun 11-Jul-04 12:25:57

I have also been bleeding now for a month with Mirena. I have read disturbing articles on how people have put weight on and lost their libido after getting it put in. This is really worrying, maybe the copper coil is better? Anyone have views on this?

frogs Sun 11-Jul-04 12:31:12

I have a normal ordinary copper coil (at least I assume that's what it is). No problems at all, no bleeding except immediately after insertion and periods not noticeably heavier than before.

3 kids is plenty, and I have no plans to be separated from my coil, ever.

HelloMama Sun 11-Jul-04 13:26:07

Luvie, it is true that some women do put on weight with progestogen-only forms of contraception - e.g. the 'mini' pill, the injection, implant or mirena. However it is not the method of contraception that makes the weight pile on, its because in some women progestogen increases appetite, thus the women eat more, thus they put on weight. As long as you are aware of this and continue to eat as you always did, it is unlikely to happen to you. As Mirena only releases a very small amount of this hormone, the chances of massive weight gain are very small, and any changes in appetite tend to settle after the first 3 months.

The loss of libido is also a risk with progestogen-only forms of contraception, but its one of those things that you just have to try the method to see if you are one of the unlucky ones who this affects, there's no other way to tell I'm afraid! But again, any side-effects do tend to settle down after the first 3 months, so your doctor is right to tell you to try and persevere. I know the bleeding is a pain but if you can try and stick with it for a bit longer you may well find it settles down in the next few weeks.


mummytosteven Sun 11-Jul-04 13:36:43

Luvie - the advantage of the copper coil is that it has no hormones in. so although it may cause heavier bleeding, at least you know any other probs you have with appetite/libido aren't going to be connected with it. The advantage of the mirena is that once you have got through the initial spotting phase you are likely to stop bleeding completely or have very light periods. This is due to the hormones. Of course the disadvantage is that you may have side effects due to the hormones. In theory coz it is a coil and not a pill, v low doses of hormone are in it, and the effects are localised, so you are less likely to get problems with side effects from the progestogen than on the pill or Depo Injection. But of course it all depends how sensitive you are to the hormones. Personally as I had a bad reaction to the progestogen only pill - got bad PMT/depression with it, I would not touch a Mirena with a barge pole - though a friend of mine who "went psycho" - her words - on the ordinary combined pill had a Mirena and thinks it is the best thing ever!

pinkangel Thu 15-Jul-04 21:59:22

hi i am new here but i have had the marina coil fitted due to my endometrosis and after having my fourth child but i am concerned that this is not normal it has been fitted since 9 th june 04 how long will this last for should i have stopped bleeding by now thecramps are a lot calmer but the bleeding is heavy to light on a daily basis. help.WORRIED.

mears Fri 16-Jul-04 16:26:58

pinkagel - it is not uncommon for this bleeding to go on for a number of months. Here is some info

Bleeding problems. These are without a doubt the most common problem associated with the Mirena. It takes about 3 months for the lining of the womb to thin down and during this time bleeding can be erratic or even heavy at times, but almost always settles after 3-6 months. During the first month, 20% of users experience prolonged bleeding of more than 8 days duration, but by the third month only 3% have prolonged bleeding.

That is from this leaflet

Aleena Mon 09-Aug-04 23:03:36

hello everyone. I has the mirena coil fitted on 10th may and was bleeding continously for about 2 months then stopped completely for a month or so i since started bleeding again, very light, and has been for the last 5 days. Does anyone know if this could be my period?? they say that ur period stops completely after a year or so.

Tiggiwinkle Mon 09-Aug-04 23:14:08

I have had a Mirena for a couple of years now and still get periods, although they are very light and not on a regular 28 day cycle.

Yorkiegirl Tue 10-Aug-04 11:06:36

Message withdrawn

Petall Tue 10-Aug-04 13:13:40

Does anyone have a baby with plagiocephaly? My gorgeous 5 month old baby has just been diagnosed and I'd love some advice or thoughts from anyone else whos been there, done that and got the t-shirt!

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