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Change to period after general anaesthetic

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Minime85 Sun 29-Nov-15 08:20:28

Had a small op in October and since then period comes about 4-5 days earlier than before?! Has anyone else experienced this? Now heavy and painful at night too keeping me awake where as always had that part of period during first two days so at least was at work.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 29-Nov-15 09:06:38

What sort of operation did you have in October?. Was this op gynae related?. There should have been a follow up appointment to discuss findings.

Any such changes should be reported to the gynae if you are still under the care of such a person. If not, the GP should be informed.

Its more likely to be the surgery you had causing this than the actual anaesthetic. Heavy and painful periods are sometimes caused by endometriosis.

Minime85 Sun 29-Nov-15 11:02:33

No wasn't gyn op was for skin tags. Had heavy painful periods before but everything's was predicative and always followed a set pattern in terms of days etc. still does follow a pattern just more often and at night which is making sleeping difficult. Oh well better just live with it much much worse things to conplain about I know. Just wondered if anyone else had similar

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 29-Nov-15 11:17:22

No, don't just live with it!!. Heavy and painful periods can be and actually are debilitating. Its now affecting your sleep (as it did with me too).

I suffered similarly for years without anyone knowing what the cause was (it was endometriosis which was causing the heavy bleeding and pain).

You really ought to be seeing a gynaecologist and GP should refer you to such a person. Do not take no for answer. Heavy and painful periods have a cause and it is certainly in your interests to find out why it is happening.

Do not whatever you do just keep putting up with it!

hiccupgirl Sun 29-Nov-15 18:48:10

I had the same happen after I had a major op at the end of July. I assumed it would make my cycle longer straight after but actually my period was 5 days early both that month and the next 2. Last month was the first were it was back to dead on 30 days rather than 25.

They aren't any heavier or more painful though so I would get that checked out if it doesn't improve.

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