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is there an alternative to prednisone

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trickydickie Sun 29-Nov-15 00:39:54

I have mild asthma. Had the cold which in turn made my asthma flare up. By last Monday I wasn't sleeping for the cough and wheezing and breathing not great. Saw the asthma nurse who gave me a 5 day course of 5mg 6 tabs a day. After day 3 of taking them a terrible black cloud came down on me. Mentally I had been feeling fine until then. I wasn't sleeping great anyhow due to the cough and then after the tablets started and the cough got better my sleep still didn't improve.

I stopped taking them 2 days ago and feel like my old self. Normal and life seems normal and even and happy again.

Obviously if there is no alternative to prednisone then I will put up with a week of depression, insomnia and snapping at my family. As still better than the terrible asthma coughing fits and wheezing.

I am seeing my asthma nurse again next Friday and want it noted on my notes that prednisone really doesn't agree with me. When my asthma is really bad I will agree/take anything to make me better. I just want it noted that if there is an alternative that works just as well could I please get it.

Has anyone any alternatives that have worked to improve any asthma flare up's/ asthma attacks?? Thanks very much.

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