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Cervical cancer ?

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oldaninpurple Sat 28-Nov-15 18:49:20

To cut a long story short... I have three or four bumps - pea sized originally on my cervix (have a coil so check every now and then). Recently, a couple have got larger and I wasn't concerned as I've read about nabiothen cysts, and had convinced myself that was what I had, however... I've had some very heavy periods and now have - out of cycle bright almost fluorescent bleeding and back ache.

Dr Google tells me it's either chlamydia (doubtful given my lack of sex lately) or possibly cervical cancer and now I'm feeling very anxious....

I can't get to my GP for at least a week (working away from home) and i read that blood can affect any screening results so how could they tell anyway? I just don't know where to go or what to do next and it's playing on my mind badly.

Does anyone have any experience they could share, is this uneccesary panic? Thank you in advance

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