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Help....... Colicynth anyone???

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MrsDoolittle Mon 17-May-04 15:54:14

I am desperate to find something to help my windy baby. Have tried infacol - three bottles!!!
Mears suggested Colicynth, but I can't find it.
Can anyone help?
If it works myself and dd will be eternally grateful.

hewlettsdaughter Mon 17-May-04 15:57:10

I think it's colocynth rather than colicynth - it's a homeopathic remedy.

Tissy Mon 17-May-04 15:58:04

I got it from Boots, but I seem to remember that it had to be ordered, I think it's a homeopathic remedy. Have to say it didn't work for us, but do remember being so desperate that i would try anything.

Good luck

MrsDoolittle Mon 17-May-04 15:59:15

Yes I did a search and came up with that too, but I still can't find anywhere that sells it in granules for babies.

hewlettsdaughter Mon 17-May-04 16:03:01

I am taking dd for another cranial osteopathy treatment on Friday - osteopath is also a homeopath so I intend to ask her about colocynth then.

MrsDoolittle Mon 17-May-04 16:07:46

That would be good. I am a bit unsure as I haven't heard of it before. Although, like Tissy, I am getting to the point where I will try anything !! Such a shame

Tissy Mon 17-May-04 16:10:10

Speak to the pharmacist at Boots and ask them to order it... I was upset when it wasn't stocked with the homeopathic medicines, and the first time went away without asking.

busybee123 Mon 17-May-04 16:19:02

i used colief drops...what a god send!!! you put them in the milk and it breaks the lactose down so its more easily digested. Undigested lasctose is apparently most common cause of colic i read somewhere. you can get them on prescription of but them for £9.99 a bottle. Looks a lot considering theres only something like 7mls in the whole bottle but don't be put off!! its good for about 80 bottles!!! Hope this helps.

MrsDoolittle Thu 20-May-04 08:30:46

I am going to try anything - but how can use these if I am bf?

busybee123 Thu 20-May-04 09:13:22

You express a bit of milk onto a sterile teaspoon/ beaker/ bottle and add the drops to that and give it to your baby before you offer the breast. I think you have to add 4 drops if you do it like that. It will say on the packet anyway. Hope it all settles down soon for you. You can get colief on prescription as well, or 9.99 to but from chemist. email me if you need any more advice. My ds2 is just about over the colic now which is good. Hopefully yours wont be long either. good luck x x

hewlettsdaughter Fri 21-May-04 20:16:23

For info - colocynth should be available from Neals Yard.

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