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Lost hair after pregnancy did not grow back - help!

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Ukuleila Wed 25-Nov-15 10:45:52

When I stopped breastfeeding my little boy at the end of 20 months I noticed a lot of hair falling out... mainly at my temples, but also in general to a point that you could see the scalp clearly see through. I was very relaxed back then thinking no need to worry the hair will grow back eventually...but it is now almost 2, 5 years later and it hasn't! Despite the fact of taking supplements and caster oil. I look like a ruffled hen! To the point that I started to feel so uncomfortable that I had a blood test done at the GP but my thyroid activity seems normal. Does anyone have experienced the same and what did you do - is there any chance this bloody hair will grow back after all this time? Many thanks

kinkytoes Thu 26-Nov-15 05:49:29

Don't panic as apparently hair grows on an average of a four year cycle. I found this out after spending a fair bit of money on various potions etc from a 'private hair specialist' which made no difference whatsoever.

kinkytoes Thu 26-Nov-15 05:51:43

Btw my hair loss was through stress not pregnancy but hopefully the same rule applies.

Ruffled hen sounds cute btw wink

Ukuleila Thu 26-Nov-15 12:34:39

many thanks, kinkytoes! You made my day.... I didn't know it could take hair so long to grow back....well so far, me too, I spent plenty of time researching on Amazon what kind of product is best getting lost in the sheer supply...and tried out a few without any success so far... well, it seems there is some hope then.... and yes, might be a combination of end of BF, stress, interrupted sleep (thanks to baby boy) and other stuff. x

Aquamarine70 Fri 27-Nov-15 04:29:14

I lost a lot of hair when my DD was 4 months old. At first it was called Chronic Teleogen Effulvium which means more of the hair goes into the shedding stage faster. It never stopped & I have been diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia. My hair is naturally curly but I have to dry it straight to make it look decent. My hair fell out for a little bit after my first DS then rectified within a year but the loss was nothing like after my DD. I had another DD 2 1/2 years later but the shedding just carried on. I saw a trichologist & had scalp biopsies done. I tried various medications such as Dianette/Yasmin pill, spironlactone & something else but I had to stop due to bad migraines. They have a blocking effect to the testosterone to the scalp & skin. No supplements or lotions or potions will make a difference. I was told I could try the men's Regain foam to rub in the temples but as I have to style my hair everyday I can't rub it in.

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