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Ear infection?

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Boozena Mon 23-Nov-15 16:27:10

Posting here for any experiences and basically as I'm wondering if it needs attention.
I am prone to ear infections in my right ear. Normally it's the usual awful stabbing pain, sometimes glands join in and usually accompanied by a cold.
I've got some intermittent stabbing pain in the ear but it's mostly an ache and stiffness in my jaw. I can't open it fully, sometimes only enough to fit food in. It feels like my jaw joint needs wd 40.
Last time I went to docs with an agonising ear infection she wasn't very sympathetic (I had an emergency app as I went deaf in the ear and was worried). She also said I could have antibiotics but they probably wouldn't work (don't a third of the time?) and if they did it would only take it away around 48hrs quicker than if I didn't take them.
So my question is does it sound like an ear infection or something else because of the jaw?

OliviaBenson Mon 23-Nov-15 16:28:33

Could it be a tooth infection? That makes my jaw and ears ache. Maybe a dentist can advise?

Boozena Mon 23-Nov-15 16:48:10

I wondered if it could be something like that (don't think I have wisdom teeth?) but it feels further back- where the jaw bone meets the bottom of my ear?
I've also had no toothache but suppose if it was far down perhaps it could be?!

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