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ectopic beats? what is this? feeling worried

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blatantplacemark Sun 22-Nov-15 15:11:46

My DH is 43 and very fit. Gym three times a week, golf twice a week and maybe the odd run too. He's never smoked, doesn't drink, is his ideal weight and has a very healthy diet. Lots of energy etc etc , he hasn't had a day off work sick in decades.

Until three weeks ago. He called from work to say he 'felt funny.' He'd had his one coffee of the day and felt his heart suddenly race and like he was going to collapse. He was concerned so rang the doctor who suggested it was one of those things. However he's not been right since.

He carried on with his work and gym going but just couldn't do it so I insisted he visit the doctor last week. He had another one of these 'turns' on the morning of his appointment and had an ECG at the doctors - she confirmed its an ectopic heartbeat. She tested his blood for everything and results are normal.

He has been given a portable ECG machine which he's been using and he'll make a further appointment with the doctor next week

However I'm really worried. He just sits on the sofa for most of the time and here's a weird thing ... He says there's no pain, nothing hurts, he's not tired, he's not exhausted but he just can't do anything , he looks pale and insipid and says he knows if he gets up and does something, his heart will race and he just feels rubbish

What is this? Why has it come on now? What can cause it?

Thanks in advance

ConfusedInBath Sun 22-Nov-15 16:48:40

Could it be anxiety?

I had a very similar thing earlier this year, racing heart, felt very strange etc.
Had ecg and a 24 trace - both showed ectopic beats. Was reassured that I wasn't going to keel over.

I was ( still am ) going through a very stressful time and the GP but it down to that.

Is he under any strain/stress? Anything changed in any part of his life?

FlipperDipper Sun 22-Nov-15 21:26:53

Ectopic heartbeats aren't usually racing I don't think. They're just extra/early beats which feel funny. Everyone has them - some feel them and some don't.

Littlefish Sun 22-Nov-15 21:37:13

at this link for Superventricular tachycardia. See if any of the symptoms sound similar. I had this for many years before an operation to burn away the extra bit. I'll check the thread tomorrow in case you have any questions.

blatantplacemark Sun 22-Nov-15 23:09:27

Thanks for your replies so far , much appreciated

I'm not sure about SV? He will be sat there and suddenly his heart rate will zoom up and then it'll drop fairly rapidly. He does feel light headed a lot too and he's worse in the day and slightly improved in the evening . I'm frustrated because I don't understand .. No pain , he says it's not like a flu type exhaustion but he literally cannot do anything that involves more than a potter around the living room

Stress? An interesting one. He is the most laid back person , I've never heard him raise his voice really and he's a philosophical and pragmatic man, nothing fazes him really. BUT he has a stressful job .. Not hours wise as he is home by 4.30 each day but the organisation he works in is facing deep government cuts and he is the only person who does his job . The cuts talks are ongoing at the moment and he says its talked about at work a lot and that he feels he has to prove himself . He's popular and well liked at work, well thought of and he wouldn't lose his job as such but it'd mean having to work in a department he doesn't want to. But that's uncertain at the moment .

He doesn't feel 'stressed' mentally he says and I honestly would be surprised . He is the last person you'd imagine would suffer from stress and anxiety although I know it could happen to anyone

Me on the other hand? I'm terrible and feel really tearful and worried . He's so energetic usually and I don't understand why this has happened out of the blue seemingly

As an aside , he told me the other day that aged 13 he had a physical check up and the doctor told him he had a heart murmur . He says its never troubled him since . I was totally WTF that he didn't mention this at the doctors in the week. He says he forgot hmm

blatantplacemark Sun 22-Nov-15 23:12:39

Confused - what do you mean when you say you felt strange? He sort of says this .. He can be sat there laughing at the tv so nothing is hurting him but if he had to trot up the stairs or walk outside for five mins it'd make him feel 'rubbish'

Hastagwhatever Sun 22-Nov-15 23:14:59

I have had the racing heartbeat out of nowhere. Turned out I have a autoimmune thyroid condition.

Has he had any bloods done?

blatantplacemark Sun 22-Nov-15 23:24:54

Yes they checked thyroid , liver , kidneys , diabetes etc and all normal

He's using my Apple Watch at the mo as it has a decent HR monitor and it's usually 60 odd. And then randomly it's over 100. But he feels rubbish all the time

Maiziemonkey Mon 23-Nov-15 01:22:39

get him to get checked for POTS, can cause changes to hr and bp, tiredness, maybe not it but should be ruled out

ConfusedInBath Mon 23-Nov-15 07:31:24

What I meant by feeling strange was almost like I was going to ' short circuit ' if that makes sense? Like my heart was going to just stop.
Like my heart rate was out of control. I would have periods of feeling like I was going to black out.

I told the GP all of this and that's what prompted the testing.

With what's going on at your DH's work I would not be surprised if this was stress related. Even the most laid back people suffer due to outside influences at times.

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