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Unusual periods since miscarriage

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Pipbin Sat 21-Nov-15 22:39:19

I had a miscarriage in January at 13 weeks, it's was an IVF pregnancy and I've not been pregnant before or since.

Since the mc my periods have followed an unusual pattern. I have a relatively pain free, not too heavy, period for about 4 days, which was normal for me before. The difference is that they stop suddenly for about 12 hours then I will get a sharp pain and I will then bleed again, not as heavy but clots this time rather then regular blood.
I know that I have a fibroid, I don't know if that was changed by the pregnancy.

Any thoughts, is it worth going to the doctor?

Aquamarine70 Sun 22-Nov-15 04:30:25

I would get checked out by the Dr especially if you are getting a sharp pain.

justanotherquestion Sun 22-Nov-15 11:31:16

Fibroids grow in a high oestrogen environment, so my guess is that it has grown due to the influence of the drugs and the pregnancy.

You can also get strange periods if you are not ovulating properly and the lining builds up in a different manner. You could then get clots etc. A third possibility is that you are actually having early miscarriages. I would get checked out by someone knowledgeable, possibly the clinic?

I am not a professional, but have had my share of fertility drugs and lots of miscarriages; I found that GP's simply do not have this specialist knowledge, but can do the basics of hormone tests etc.

Pipbin Sun 22-Nov-15 13:20:03

No chance of miscarriages, I can't conceive naturally.
I found out that I had a fibroid before I had any fertility treatment but it was never mentioned during all the scans etc.
I have always ovulated fine before I was pg, and my periods went straight back to a 28 day cycle.
If it carries on like this then I might well go to the GP.

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