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Perimenopause at barely 35?

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7Days Sat 21-Nov-15 17:30:13

Could it be?

Background, since age 13 have had regular 3 day periods, little pain, a defined beginning, middle and end. Predictable. After my first births they came back after finishing bfing, whenever that was,back to their old pattern.
I had my last baby nearly 2 years ago and when periods returned they were irregular, lasted for ages (I should say trailed away for ages) and I have had spotting after intercourse, which may also take time to trail away.

What's different this time is I am on a high dose of setraline, and I have been treated for CIN3. Told my GP and she sent me back for another colposcopy, in case it was related to that, but no sign of anything and no infection.

Should I go back to GP again> Or is it just the meno preparing to settle in? My mum had fibroids & hyterectomy in her mid forties.

I don't google health complaints so I am pretty clueless.

justanotherquestion Sat 21-Nov-15 17:45:00

Could it be a side effect of the Setraline? I would look on the side effects list. Perimenopause can settle in at 35 but you would tend to have other and different symptoms.

7Days Sun 22-Nov-15 13:31:23

Thank you I have just checked the leaflet and menstrual irregularity is listed under the most uncommon side effects. Last time I checked, a few months ago, it had only mentioned vaginal heamorraghe. hmm

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