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Experiencing worst period ever- anything j can do?

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Bouncearound Fri 20-Nov-15 10:12:02

Period started yesterday and is horrendous. It's always been awful but got worse over last few months.
I use a mooncup and for a few days at start I'm losing around 75 ml a day, constantly flooding and huge clots. I'm sure I'm anaemic (again and despite taking iron tablets)and feel faint, sick and teary. First doc appt is 7th December and I can't get through on the phone... Is there anything I can do myself? I'm not even sure there's any point as not sure they can do anything.
I'm at work today and had to bring toddler dd with means feeling utterly miserable sad
Any advice on getting through this for a week every month.. Or even just today!... Would be appreciated

BrushtheHeat Fri 20-Nov-15 10:19:02

Oh no, I feel for you flowers ibuprofen has been shown to reduce the blood flow when taken regularly, three times a day. Some women take it a day before they are due for the best effect. Seeing as you've already come on could you make it to a pharmacy for some tranexamic acid? You can buy it otc but is also on prescription (I think at a higher strength) and reduces the bleeding. I have it on script for that reason.
I got fed up with the constant bleeding and was fitted with the mirena coil. It has reduced my bleeding so much that I can often cope with only a thin pantyliner. Hope you feel better soon.

BrushtheHeat Fri 20-Nov-15 10:23:31

In terms of coping, I just kept wet wipes and a change of knickers and trousers for work. Realistically, you shouldn't have to deal with this level of bleeding and I would keep notes on your blood loss and related symptoms to show the Dr in December. Be sure to outline the effect it is having on your day to day life eg. not being able to leave the house, work. Being anaemic is awful, I think I am most of the time and iron tablets give me awful side effects. Personally, I would stay off work today and by Monday hopefully your flow will have calmed down a bit.

Bouncearound Fri 20-Nov-15 10:40:33

Thanks all. I will try the pharmacy but unfortunately I am stuck at work until at least 12. Dd and I are the only ones here and she's being well behaved so it's not too bad.
I can't take hormonal treatments and we recently decided that dh would have a vasectomy so we didn't have to worry about coil, pill etc so I really would rather not go down that route but not sure what else there is.

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