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DD and memory loss

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Jetcatisback Thu 19-Nov-15 19:31:35

DD (18) was diagnosed with epilepsy a couple of year ago, after a horrendous few month of tonic clinic seizures, which took ages to stabilise with the right meds.

One particularly bad few days saw her have upwards of 20 seizures over 48 hours, which were only stopped with a hospital admission and some heavy duty meds. A change of epilepsy meds followed, and she hasn't had a fit since.
However, she does have fairy significant memory loss from prior to this time - eg can look at a photo/video of her a few month prior to this and she says its like watching a totally different person - she has no recollection at all. She can remember bits of starting secondary school, but not in great detail. I have mentioned it to her consultant who doesn't seem too concerned, but I'm wondering if I should be?

Does anyone have any experience?

NanaNina Sat 21-Nov-15 20:00:50

I don't know about epilepsy but I suffer from depression which is severe at times and have been on the brink of have ECT (which induces an epileptic fit) and has a high success rate of improvement, but it can cause retrograde amnesia which is what you're describing I think. I was told that if this happened it was almost always temporary and the memory comes back, but I wasn't sure because the say in 1 in 10 cases it can be permanent.

Mind that's ECT related and not epilepsy.

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