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PoTS? Something else?

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jorahmormont Thu 19-Nov-15 18:11:58

I've had symptoms of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome for a long time (I have EDS with all the related gastro and skin and joint fun, but have never asked for the POTS symptoms to be investigated). Just things like standing up almost always makes me incredibly dizzy, sometimes to the point of almost fainting and totally blacking out for a few moments. Never really been hugely concerned.

The last week or so, it's become quite scary. About every ten minutes, my heart goes a little crazy and skips a few beats, and I go dizzy, my head goes a bit funny for a few seconds, and I'm left feeling a bit woozy. As well as it happening about every ten minutes, it also happens whenever I stand up, sit up or even lift my head/look up, which is getting a bit inconvenient now. My heart feels like it's skipping beats really frequently now, today has been particularly bad and I can't link it to anything in particular.

Could this be a sign that it's time to tackle the subject of POTS with the doctors? It may be relevant that I have been constantly anaemic since the age of fifteen, with larger than normal red blood cells. Thankfully I've been able to keep it at a level where I don't need infusions, but my levels haven't been normal for about six or seven years now. Doctors aren't hugely concerned - they now suffix every blood test result with "your bloods are okay... For you" grin but I don't know if it could be playing a part?

Would I be overreacting to go to the GP about this?

TheGreenNinja Thu 19-Nov-15 18:15:12

I've just been investigated for random heart beats/skipping/fluttering etc and it seems mine has been caused by b12 deficiency - have your b12 levels been checked? Often goes together with anaemia apparently.
But yes, definitely worth another chat with the doctor, I would have thought they'd want you to have an ecg.

jorahmormont Thu 19-Nov-15 19:34:12

My b12 has been checked a few times and it's always been okay, but I will go back and have another check seeing as it's rapidly gotten worse in the last week. Thanks for the advice smile

maggiso Thu 19-Nov-15 22:21:19

Yes I think speaking to your Gp is a good idea.

jorahmormont Sat 21-Nov-15 01:45:22

I think we've solved it. DD and I have both had some kind of virus for the last week. Tonight she's come out in slapped cheek, and I too have bright red cheeks, the rash etc. I asked my mum and I never had it as a child, so I wasn't immune. NHS website says that it can cause symptoms of severe anaemia, so I think it's just wiped out my iron levels as the symptoms match perfectly. Panic over, fingers crossed it'll pick up soon!

Thanks for the advice smile

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