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Itching legs

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Pranmasghost Thu 19-Nov-15 00:18:26

For the past 3 weeks my lower legs have been itching madly every night. Scratching is almost orgasmic then painful then itchy again.
I suspect cat fleas as our recently deceased cat, although she was regularly flea treated, seemed to have some when she died. I used flea powder and spray in every room, binned all her bedding, bought new mattress topper and quilt for us and had her brother de flead at the vets (they said he was fine). I am having the house fumigated when we go away at the end of the month but in the mean time what can I do for the itching?
I have tried
Anti histamine
E45 anti itch
Aqueous cream
Chilled tea bags
Wet towels
Everything works for a short time then off it goes again. I am not sleeping and am driven almost to tears several times a day.
Please help, what do you suggest?

MyNewBearTotoro Thu 19-Nov-15 00:43:03

I had the same problem with mosquito bites when travelling. Initially the problem was the bites but then even after they cleared the itching continued. It drove me mad too but did eventually subside. Try calamine lotion over the bites, I found that really soothing. I also got prescribed anti-allergy medication by a doctor as the reaction and itching was so bad, can't remember the name sorry but it was different to the drug found in pirotin etc.

Are other people in the house being bitten? If not I would consider the possibility it is something else as well. It might be worth visiting your GP - some vitamin deficiencies (iron, B12) can cause itching and it can also be a symptom of other conditions such as diabetes or liver or thyroid problems. Not that I think these things are likely but it might be worth having a blood test just to rule them out.

Also general things that can help itching include making sure you are well hydrated, avoid hot baths or bathing/ showering too often - cool water is best, moisturise with E45 or a similar low allergy cream several times a day, switch to a non-bio washing powder and cut out fabric conditioner. Being warm can also irritate further so avoid having central heating too high and wear loose cotton clothing.

If it's particularly bad at night then maybe try and avoid getting too warm in bed by not having too many blankets etc.

But the best advice I can give is cut nails as short as they will go and try very very hard not to scratch. Scratching feels amazing in the short term but it makes it worse as it will just irritate the skin further and make things worse. So nails must go. Try patting or slapping or holding ice/ a hot water bottle against the skin instead - almost anything but scratching it if you can!

I hope you are able to find relief soon!

Klaptout Thu 19-Nov-15 00:47:35

Are you on any medication?
I get itchy with some Meds.
I keep some baby wipes in the fridge they help stop the itching.

Pranmasghost Thu 19-Nov-15 07:05:31

Thank you both. My husband is also being bitten and his is exacerbated by his diabetes. My meds are just a statin and Omeprazole. They certainly look like bites but much itchier than any others I've had. I'll try the refrigerated wipes though and I'll cut my nails too.

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