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Chloenewoneagain Wed 18-Nov-15 19:46:31

Finally had my CA-125 blood test, anxiously waiting for results early next week confused

Don't know what im gaining from posting this. Not told many people about doctors appointments/worries in RL as don't want to scare anyone before I know. Except DP.

Anyone had one before? Do they tell u straight away, if your levels were high what happened next and how fast?

lovevintagecrap Wed 18-Nov-15 19:50:56

Mine was elevated a few months ago. I had a scan and it turned out to be due to having cysts. My scan was about 2 weeks after the doctor rang to tell me about the raised CA125.
Best of luck, most times it turns out to be nothing sinister.
I know how scary it is and how worrying.

Chloenewoneagain Wed 18-Nov-15 20:02:20

Great news that it wasn't something worse! Hoping that's the case with me but with added symptoms it's not looking good.

Indiechic Wed 18-Nov-15 20:05:37

Snap! What are your symptoms?

polkadotdelight Wed 18-Nov-15 20:05:41

I had a borderline malignant ovarian cyst (ovary removed, no further treatment needed and I later went on to have DS) and my CA125 was sky high! It doesn't always mean the worst.

Chloenewoneagain Wed 18-Nov-15 20:21:49

-Been having lower (ovary area) abdominal pain for 4 month every single day
-stomach bloating/swelling
-urinating constantly, even when iv not had a drink. Easily every half hour
-pain during and after sex

All of ovarian cancer symptoms :/ iv litrally been passing out with pain recently ended up in a&e a couple times.

Had a scan to reveal my left ovary is 4x the size of my right as well, doctors are doing their best too find out but too me it's just too slow!

And congratulations polka! Glad your okay smile

polkadotdelight Wed 18-Nov-15 21:06:05

Thank you. My symptoms were much the same except the only abdominal pain I had was when I went for a pee. It was like being stabbed in the lower abdomen, but by the time Id gone back to whatever I was doing Id forget and put the rest of the symptoms down to being lazy/fat/working 15 hour shifts. Mine was in excess of 20cm diameter when it was removed so I hope it makes yoy feel a bit more positive.

Indiechic Thu 19-Nov-15 13:08:36

I just got the all-clear on mine. I only had the blood test on Tuesday afternoon. Next step is ultrasound for me. Wishing you all the best.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 19-Nov-15 14:48:43

CA125 can also be elevated if endometriosis is present so do not be unduly alarmed if it is high. It is more likely to be something like endometriosis or ovarian cysts rather than ovarian cancer.

Deep pain during sex (and after) can also be indicative of endometriosis being present.

Have you actually seen a gynaecologist to date?. A & E should have referred you onto a gynaecology ward when you were there; I sincerely hope they simply did not send you home.

Chloenewoneagain Thu 19-Nov-15 17:18:58

I do slightly polka, what happened after that then? Was it left or removed? and brilliant indiechic hope all is well with the scan.

They did send me home after asking all my symptoms she just said I think you need too see a guneocologyst, then told me she would write the letter asap and get me a referral sent out. Not arrived yet, I'm thinking next week sometime. Didn't know they could do that, send u straight up. Suppose it's better than getting sent home for nothing though.

I haven't seen a guneocologyst to date no. Nurse at GP said bloods will come back Tuesday but doctor said these bloods usually come back fairly quick so give them a ring tomorrow afternoon too see if they have arrived by then.

polkadotdelight Thu 19-Nov-15 18:18:28

I went to see my GP as I realised I could actually feel the mass, she sent me for bloods and I had a cancellation appointment for an ultrasound scan the following day. I saw a gynaecologist the following week and would have had exploratory surgery/removal the week after but she had annual leave booked (it was easter). From the day I saw my GP to having the surgery was 3 weeks but it was very large by that point. I think you need to find out what the waiting list is to see a gynae now that you have had bloods and a scan.

Chloenewoneagain Thu 19-Nov-15 19:45:05

I should hopefully have an appointment booked or have too call for an appointment once I get the letter, which should hopefully come tomorrow or next week.

I'm very happy for you! It's a joke with me, I appreciate they're doing there best but it's been about 2 month now of back and forth and took an a&e visit to finally get referred. Just builds my stress levels up more sad

And I don't really have a lump on my belly/ovary area. Iv started too notice my left side sticks out more than my right with the look of a bump, but can't actually feel one? Strange.

Chloenewoneagain Mon 23-Nov-15 10:38:28

Just rang the doctors and receptionist said the bloods came back normal!

Which I'm very glad about but when I asked for the count number or whatever (under 35 number) she said all the doctor put down was 'normal'?

This can't be right, not saying she's lying or anything but should they have said?

Indiechic Mon 23-Nov-15 12:14:18

The message on my results said, "Tell patient all is fine." I'm seeing him next week to get my ultrasound referral as I understand that the ca125 doesn't give the whole picture. At least it's not sky high though.

Chloenewoneagain Mon 23-Nov-15 12:58:11

Ahh I'm assuming mine said something very similar then, must mean it can't be over 35?

And good hope it comes quick! Yeah they are sometimes unreliable.

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