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Breast lumps and pain

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notenoughbottle Wed 18-Nov-15 16:38:49

I've been to my GP as I've been having breast pain for around six months now in my right one especially when I brush against anything or my children jump on me which they do daily! GP examined me and said it is quite lumpy and to come back in 1-2 weeks to discuss the results of blood tests I have had done after my appointment and they will then refer to breast clinic. Has anyone had a similar experience that turned out to be ok? I'm exhausted constantly too and feel ill quite often, although I do have a degenerative physical disability too which doesn't help. I've really wound myself up about this and kind of convinced myself I've got bc or something. I'm quite an anxious person anyway and don't have a lot of adult contact during the week, around 4-5 hours, due to being a single parent so the evenings are the worst. Is there a time scale that has to be stuck to regarding being seen by someone in the clinic?

Tanfastic Fri 20-Nov-15 16:49:27

Not sure why you've had a blood test first (tiredness?) but normally a referral to the breast clinic is done and you get an appt within 2 weeks. I expect maybe your go is waiting to see if pain is cyclical or not before referral but I don't know.

I've been to the gp for breast tenderness in one breast (feels like a small bruise in one area). Seen two different docs but they both said normal breast tissue/normal for me and didn't refer. However the second gp I saw said if I really wanted him to he would but I've not and felt reassured enough. That's my experience. Get it checked out if it's making you anxious.

Tanfastic Fri 20-Nov-15 16:51:28

If you search threads you will find lots of women who have been to breast clinic with similar and told its just fibrous/glandular tissue. That's what I think mine is too smile

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