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Scalp psoriasis - driving me mad

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DuchessDaisy Mon 16-Nov-15 18:13:09


I seem to have suffered to varying degrees with scalp psoriasis for years. I have tried all the usual shampoos - Nizoral, Capasal, T-gel etc used them properly i.e leaving in for 15/30 mins before rinsing then removing scale with fine comb but nothing really seems to help.

Have tried less medicated stuff - lush snake oil and soak and float bar

When I asked GPs about this (ages okay) Nizoral was suggested!

It's awful, terrible flaky scalp, scratching lifts off large flakes and leaves inflamed red skin. Some areas are scabbed etc due to scratching sad

Any advice if you suffer from this? Anything that has really helped? Thanks!

LineyReborn Mon 16-Nov-15 18:14:45

Have you never been prescribed a steroid solution for a short term treatment?

Iwanttobeadog Mon 16-Nov-15 18:33:14

I have the same. I've never managed to get a Dr remotely interested in twenty odd years, even though my scalp is scabbed and bleeding and it often prevents me from sleeping at night

You have my sympathies. I can't think of anything to recommend as nothing has ever worked for me I'm afraid

Luxyelectro Mon 16-Nov-15 18:34:10

I had the same and use polytar shampoo. Old fashioned but works I only use it sparingly

GothJoose Mon 16-Nov-15 18:38:06

I normally put olive oil on the infected /dry areas. I find if the areas are kept moist it's not too bad but I'm having a terrible outbreak at the moment. My dd has cradle cap so I've started using her shampoo on me, it's called Dentinox

LineyReborn Mon 16-Nov-15 18:39:18

Polytar and Polytar Plus shampoos are excellent I think. I was told that you don't need to use those sparingly.

It's the steroidal treatments that you have to be very careful with, ie no more than six weeks at a time. When my scalp has been bad I have had Betnovate scalp solution and Dovobet gel. Both really good.

clogher Mon 16-Nov-15 18:40:33

I had this for years -I couldn't wear dark clothes, had my scalp shredded, tried everything you mentioned and then on a posh weekend away, the hotel had l'occaitane shampoo and conditioner, they smelled so nice I brought the bottles home, they were a decent sample size and lasted me 3 weeks or so. I gradually realised my scalp was improving with a noticeable difference by the time I finished them so I bought more. Roll on 3 months and it was all cleared upsmile

I have been using them since and the itch never came back. It's the aromatherapy oil range, there are a few versions, all of which have been fine for me.

It's not an overnight fix but it was sooo worth it for me

LineyReborn Mon 16-Nov-15 18:41:40

If it works, it works smile

A friend of mine swears by rosemary oil shampoo.

Pleasemrstweedie Mon 16-Nov-15 19:51:07

Dump SLS and, if possible dump shampoo entirely and go-wash with paraben free shampoo.

LucyMouse Mon 16-Nov-15 19:52:47

I use Capasal shampoo every other day. It's magic.

BUNMUM Mon 16-Nov-15 19:54:15

I swear by Lush soak and float shampoo bar, use it everyday.
I also use the snake oil bar when feeling especially dry and itchy.

My scalps really under control. Not cured but much more comfortable.

I now don't need to use any of my prescribed scalp treatments.

Roobix04 Mon 16-Nov-15 19:56:18

I found the body shops ginger shampoo worked wonders and I've heard similar from a lot of people.

stoopstofolly Mon 16-Nov-15 20:02:06

I got a prescription for something called Betnovate. Used it for 10 days and it cleared it up. I occasionally have to get more (once a year/ 18 months?) for flare ups.

LizKeen Mon 16-Nov-15 20:11:27

I have used Capasal, Polytar, Betnovate, Nizoral, Tgel and I am sure there are more. Nothing works except getting my hair dyed.

I find that moisture is the worst thing for it. However, even though I was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis by the GP, I actually think I have seborrheic dermatitis, which is basically cradle cap and can be caused by a fungus. So warm and moist is ideal environment for it to grow, and would suggest the hair dye is killing it off temporarily.

I think I will try l'occitane or the lush stuff mentioned up thread next.

CottonSock Mon 16-Nov-15 20:16:42

My dh suffers. Capasal seems to work and betnovate. Also he tried to 'teach' himself not to scratch by counting number of times per day (and me nagging).

A friend recommended l'occitaine but didn't help unfortunately

CottonSock Mon 16-Nov-15 20:18:15

Also, he noticed a big improvement in summer when taking antihistamine and steroids for hayfever

MyGirlDaisy Mon 16-Nov-15 20:40:27

I had a spell of this recently & tried lots of different shampoos. I found using oilatum intensive anti dandruff shampoo for a week alongside a leave in treatment eucerin calming urea scalp treatment has really cleared it up. I now just use tresseme renewal shampoo & conditioner & put the eucerin on a couple of times a week. It worked for me.

StealthPolarBear Mon 16-Nov-15 20:45:13

I have it too
Nizoral and t gel work ro begin with then it seems to become immune.
I have calcipptriol, ditto.
I will try some of the shampoos on this list
improving my diet has made a huge difference though, I now get localised patches instead of it being everywhere
I also find that mousse or hairspray helps temporarily too. So weird

elvislives2012 Mon 16-Nov-15 20:48:40

I've had this really bad recently. I've tried everything including stuff from the doctor. Then recently I tried the body shop coconut oil overnight and then used their ginger shampoo and it has definitely made snarled improvement!!

Mummamayhem Mon 16-Nov-15 20:51:49

Aussie mega shampoo the no build up one has been great for me, makes my scalp feel so much cleaner. Mines worse if it's dirty or left to dry naturally.

I also recently discovered that my obsessive cycle of picking which in turn makes scalp worse and then more pick-able! Is related to anxiety, a type of OCD behaviour. For some reason understanding this has helped me reduce need to check and pick so often.

DuchessDaisy Tue 17-Nov-15 11:32:26

Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll try some other shampoos. I know they work for some but these coal tar based ones don't seem to do much for me.

Also got horrible dry peeling patches at back of ears at the moment and am covering in aqueous cream every night.

sashh Tue 17-Nov-15 11:38:41

I use alphosyl (on prescription) and occasionally need other prescription meds such as beta cap or betancate.

I was sent to a dermatologist when it first started, but I had bald patches and pusular psoriasis so maybe that was why.

Thurlow Tue 17-Nov-15 11:44:44

There is some sort of liquid, possibly steroid, that you can apply to your scalp (and also to your fingernails). I can't remember what it's called because it was so long ago, but it did exist on prescription then.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Tue 17-Nov-15 11:57:17

Try Moogoo shampoo and scalp cream, espwcially if it's seborrhaic dermatitis. The cream is now available on prescription.
A raw mask of cold-pressed honey followed by the tiniest application of coconut oil (every other night foe two weeks) also works, but I wouldn't fancy that on my head! Worked wonders on my face though.

LizKeen Tue 17-Nov-15 12:06:45

Also got horrible dry peeling patches at back of ears at the moment

Try Fucidin cream for that. Its on prescription. It works really well for me, and if I could slather it all over my scalp I would, but my hair is in the way. grin

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