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The jitters? What is that and why?

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AnonymousBird Mon 16-Nov-15 13:14:02

This happened at the weekend, and again today.

Just whilst doing "normal" stuff, around the house (ie. not stressed, or in difficult situation or under pressure) I become aware that I seem to have what I can only describe as "the jitters". Hard to describe, but it's a slightly surreal feeling, like I am in a bubble and I am quite shaky.

Not been drinking, not had excessive coffee, not overexercised - calm and normal day both times. Have eaten and drunk water as normal.

It took quite a while to pass at the weekend (at least a couple of hours) and it has just started again today.

Just no idea what it is. Doesn't stop me in my tracks, but is distracting and my mind is quite fuzzy.

Any ideas? TIA

justanotherquestion Mon 16-Nov-15 13:18:32

I had this - my GP thought it could be a thyroid problem, but it wasn't.
Worth getting checked by a GP I would have thought.

AnonymousBird Mon 16-Nov-15 13:22:00

Thank you. I have been a little under the weather (slight cold) but not bad enough to take any medication and certainly I've not noticed this before when a bit off colour. I will see if it happens again this week, and if it does I will go and see the GP.

Generally well and fit, exercise regularly and so on and until the jitters start (other than the minor cold) I feel well and sleep, eat and so on all as I would expect.

gamerchick Mon 16-Nov-15 13:22:29

Anxiety, this is how it presents in me, all in the body. I take a beta blocke and it pisses off.

It's just a bit of adrenaline not knowing what to do with itself in my case but if it keeps happening it might be worth getting checked out.

AnonymousBird Mon 16-Nov-15 13:26:40

Thanks gamer. I am not conscious of being anxious, IYSWIM, but perhaps there's a little niggle that is showing itself in this way. It's just completely new so I was a bit alarmed!

gamerchick Mon 16-Nov-15 13:32:12

No neither do I, I didn't let my niggles take over my head and it comes out like that instead.

If you do have a niggle it might be worth giving it the eyeball but still see your dr if it carries on.

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