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Memory loss?

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Strangehappenings Mon 16-Nov-15 10:05:55

I am in my early 30s and have one young DC. I have been experiencing some weird things with my memory.

For example, I couldn't remember my FIL's first name when we were out with PILs, I left my keys in the house locking myself out (something I would never normally do), keep leaving things in cafes, at playgroups etc when we are out. The strangest things happened over the last week and made me worry a little bit; I got to the cash point and couldn't remember my pin for a card I use every day and then this morning I couldn't remember my mobile phone number?? Was really strange. Both numbers did come to me eventually (the mobile number quite quickly, but the pin had to be reset as I really couldn't remember it at all till much later). I'm hoping this is just due to having a baby, being off work etc plus moving house recently. Wonder if anyone on here can advise.


Strangehappenings Mon 16-Nov-15 10:06:44

Just to add my DC is nearly a year old so not a newborn.

gandalf456 Mon 16-Nov-15 16:45:17

I'd see your doc. It's more of an absent mindedness, isn't it. Maybe get your thyroid and blood checked

Strangehappenings Mon 16-Nov-15 18:20:24

Thanks gandalf. Spoke with doc today who has organised blood tests.

gandalf456 Mon 16-Nov-15 20:10:51

Oh good. Hopefully, it's something easily fixed. Good luck

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